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A friend of mine brought a Lancia from London to Sydney in late 2000 and paid £1200 frieght, then 50% of the value of the car to the John Howard retirement fund once the car hit Sydney.

Nice car too. Was well worth the effort:)

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I'll make a few phone calls to confirm that freight price. Yes there is a lot of tax to pay when you land it. GST+ +++++ .

The only way you can get around paying through the nose is to own the vehicle and be resident in the UK for 2 or 3 years. You'll need to check will Aussie customs for the exact figures. The best is to get your English wife (slight hitch there) to put the car in her name and then import it when she immigrates...no tax to pay at all......hmmmmm...gets me a thinkin.

But still after all the costs...I think you will still be better off buying a car locally unless it's a love affair or rare as rocking horse sh*t.

I'll post a reply later:D

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None of the above. I can get it for free ;) Thats why I'm looking into it ...

Since you have to own the car, couldn't you just get the current owner to import it for you, and then just say that he "sold" it once it came over?

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You've now opened a massive can of "customs" worms.

You'll need to call you customs to check that out.

The NZ law (can't be too far from AUSSIE law but most probably more difficult) the current owner must not sell the vehicle that they are importing for 3 years. That way they avoid the GST charges at 12.5% and duty charges. I imagine that customs would also be wise to a car coming into AUS and not the owner with it...hmmmm sounds like too much of a scheme to me.

Are you thinking of importing a 300ZXTT?


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LOL no, if I got one of those for free I'd move to England instead hehe

A little MG Metro which needs a bit of TLC is up for grabs, but considering all those costs it isn't really going to be "free" for me anymore :(

Too bad eh?

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