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bleeding brakes doesnt work.... help..


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i have replaced all of my brake lines.. pheeww!!! next step, to bleed them. I bought a "one man bleeder kit" from autozone and hooked it up, pumped on the brake pedal and nothing happened. replaced the master vac rubber hose that goes to the engine.. still nothing happens. I have a 71 240 and the rear reservoir on the mastercylinder goes up and down when i pump but nothing bleeds nothing happens. i am going to try out using 2 people for the job tomorow, but before then.. tell me what could be wrong. could it be bad master cylinder? how do i know? bad master vac? dunno?>

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Did you have brakes before you changed the lines?

You may simply have air trapped in the master cyl?

Instead of pumping the brakes try this. Go to the right rear and open the bleeder screw. Get someone to push the pedal to the floor and hold it. Then tighten the bleeder back up and have them release the pedal. Do this 3 times for each wheel starting with the right rear then left rear then right front then left front. This will help to push any trapped air away from the cyl. After this if you still have a low pedal then try to bleed them normally.

JB...Make sure you check the fluid level from time to time wile you are bleeding the system so it don't run out of fluid.

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Operator error or faulty bleeding equip are likely causes.

Try a search of our site using "bleeding brakes" or "Brake bleeding". The proper procedure has been discussed many times.

FWIW, Consider investing in Speed Bleeders for your car. Simple, no hassle, one man brake bleeding. (Do a search on "Speed Bleeders" also)

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dude get a stick

close the the part that bleedes

go to the brakes and put the stick forcing the pedal to go down

then go to the bleeder and open it up air will start to go out

close it again and go to the brake padel give same puchs and put the stick again forcing the pedal to go down

do this a few times for each weel

and the brakes will bleed fine

i just replace every brake on my car and it worked fine in every car i have

in my jetta

in my datsun 1200 and on my 240Z 73

dont force the bleeders

dont do too mutch strenght your you myth ruin your brakes or bleeders

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