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rally monte carlo- historic 2005

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iam now in full prosess to build a rally 240z for a client who will enter 2005 rally monte carlo.

engine and gear, will for now be standard.

I would be tankfull for info about make the chassi stronger, spring rates ect..

And yes it will be a works replica;)

I have now 400kvm restoration workshop in Vilnius Lituania,I started this after i had to many cars ... but so little time. now i still have many cars but now they finnaly gets ready.

Thomas; thanks for all the info and pictures you have posted. I was admiring your ZG many years ago, when our mutal friend drove it on the international meeting in UK.



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Try contacting one of our members here, his signature is Z-point. He has done the works replica transformation to his car and he lives in Holland. Keep us updated on your progress, we love this kind of stuff.

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iam now in full prosess to build a rally 240z for a client who will enter 2005 rally monte carlo.

engine and gear, will for now be standard.



Huh! Jan for whom are you building a car, I suppose you are to late now, the entry for Monte Carlo is closed!

There are four competitors this time.

Tony Fall / Michael Kempley (UK/UK)

Dominique Larroque / Jean-Jacques Collinet (F/F)

Philippe Rames / Rudy Beaupuis (F/F)

Henri-Emile Jaconelli / Arnaud Clavurier (F/F)

Or are you one building for the safari rally…. I saw Juha Kankkunen / (SF/) is driving a 240Z!!!

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Yep, 'your' guys did a good job!! Out of the blue, 5th in his class III and 77th overall. :classic:

201th Overall Tony Fall / Michael Kempley (UK/UK) class IV/4

54th Overall Dominique Larroque / Jean-Jacques Collinet (F/F) class IV/4

120th Overall Philippe Rames / Rudy Beaupuis (F/F) class IV/4

217th Overall Henri-Emile Jaconelli / Arnaud Clavurier (F/F) class IV/4

77th Overall Aril Amundsen / Anstein Hagen (N/N) class III/4

These cars should be of the same model as of those which took part in the Monte-Carlo Rally between 1955 (25th edition) and 1977 (45th edition).

The cars will be divided into the following categories:

I - vehicles built before 31/12/1961

II - vehicles built between 01/01/62 and 31/12/65

III - vehicles built between 01/01/66 and 31/12/71

IV - vehicles built between 01/01/72 and 31/12/76

Each category is divided into 4 cubic classes:

1 - up to 1300 cc

2 - 1301 cc to 1600 cc

3 - 1601 cc to 2000 cc

4 - over 2000 cc

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Well, well it was difficult counting. But now we have a consolidate ranking!!

54 LARROQUE Dominique

COLLINET Jean-Jacques


HAGEN Anstein

121 RAMES Philippe


202 FALL Tony


218 JACONELLI Henri Emile


Rames, Fall and Jaconelli all went down one place!!!!!

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WOw. Thank you Guus!!! THose pictures are really exciting. It is great to see some Z's in rally colors. BTW, where was your car? Have you done this historic race before? It was sad to see the No. 311 car in the ditch :(. I wish we had rallies like that here in the states. It would be great to see these cars in their element. Have you met Tony Fall? Europe is lucky to have these races that the greats still participate in.

Thanks again Guus,


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Thanks Ben & Alan,

You miss my car?? That’s possible; this event costs 2500 euro roughly $3300!! :ermm: And I don’t have that at this moment… still I love to take part one time!!!

It keeps you of the street for several days…so to speak. LOL

I met Tony Fall and Shekhar Metha in 2002 when the Ypress rally took place. Tony was driving there and Shekhar accompanied his wife who was navigating Tony.. You are able to read the story at my webpage.

I’ll drive ‘my’ rally in three weeks time. The Horneland, a two days trip which I’m looking forward to.. :classic:

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