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Common problem #487 - shifter hitting console! (long)


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Fans of the ZX 5-speed conversions into 240Z's, (replacing a manual or an automatic, like mine), always run into the same problem: The shifter will not clear the tunnel opening and bangs against the plastic console in 1/3/5 gears.

In my situation, I learned too late that it is not necessary to cut the tunnel and modify the console, as some have suggested.

My understanding (not proven yet), is that using the shifter from a 78 5 speed, has a s-turn type of bend in it, which effectively moves the vertical shaft rearward two inches.

This would solve at least the banging of the console, probably the tunnel cutout problem, and as a bonus, places the vertical shaft in the center of the tunnel/console opening, instead of up near the fuse box. I don't like that part, especially; it looks like a hack job.

Like I said, this is unproven, but I will look for this shifter at the boneyard, and let you know how it works out.

And yes, I know you can also heat up the ZX shifter and bend it, but I tried it and MAPP gas wasn't enough. Anyway, it seems like it still won't move back far enough to look 'normal', i.e., center of the console opening.

More to come!




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I also tried this back in 1989. I cut the tunnel sheet metal and bent it back. Not a very nice job, but it did the trick.

I also used contact cement to adhere a larger-flange rubber booty. This eliminated most of the road (and engine) noise.

The stickshift also liked to pop out of first gear because it was rubbing against the plastic console. This was fixed by using channel-locks and a little muscle (snap). Again, not the best way to do it, but it worked.

This whole thing is gone and the stock opening is in place. Since I am restoring this baby, I'll probably need to do something similar to your idea. Keep us posted! I'm sure I can use the information when I get to that point.


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Have you got a 280a or 280b 5 speed going into your 240? That's the only reason I can think of why you need a non-original shifter.

If you're staying stock (240), the original should do.

And what's holding up more of those gorgeous yellow pictures of the 'project'!!!

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No 5-speed. I bought another 4-speed out of a Datsun truck. It had a little different gearing and operated a little lower.

But, I plan on adding a 5-speed to it when the time comes. And, of course if I have money. smile.gif

It's still a long road ahead.


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