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Swapping master brake cylinders


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Having a little fuss deciding if the change out to the later model master brake cylinder (MBC) would be a good idea in my series 1 240.

Have a S1 240z with a "passed its best" MBC. The PO gave me a new later model MBC and I'm thinking of installing it. Apart from the swapping of lines, what else could be an issue.

Bambikiller240 posted this reply.

Can you assist us to expand the knowledge base.

Originally posted by Bambikiller240

I have not done this change of Master Cylinders so i cannot speak from experience, but I don't recall anyone having a problem with the servo-rod length when doing this swap. If there is a difference in the rod length it will make a difference in how the M/C is actuated by the Master Vac ( brake servo).

Only problem I have heard of is the need to make sure the larger Reservoir and that part of the M/C still serves the Front brakes Maybe someone else can advise and we'll both learn a bit more.

As for the changes to the system that would preclude doing the swap, I haven't heard of any, and more than a few folks have done the change due to the extreme expense of the early M/C.

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