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My apologies, sir. You were not the person I was resonding to in my last effort. I think we all know that some folks just don't have their heads squarely attached. The last message I received was purely gibberish.

Now, could you be more specific as to what types and conditions you're seeking? Thank you, Dale B.

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"I think we all know that some folks just don't have their heads squarely attached. The last message I received was purely gibberish. "

I couldn't agree more, your statement certianly describes someone who has ever tried to sell a "Misc. Part", or an "assorted Z".

I have never seen a part number for the first, nor a car actually sold as the second!

The statement " I have several complete cars from 1972-1982-including the turbocharged variety, for sale, and many good mechanical and interior parts for the same cars." would have actually brought you more requests for specific information, and probably sales within the first 5 posts instead of what you

got. I think a quick perusal of past posts to the ad forums will prove my point(s)!

Check my Ebay feedback to see the seriousness of my inquiry, I have bought, and sold, and been effective at both!

For your convenience I have included my stats: and they reside under the member name Connatser.

Feedback Score: 97

Positive Feedback: 100%

Members who left a positive: 97

Members who left a negative: 0

All positive feedback received: 129

Here is a link,should you wish to verify my story!


All drivel aside, "what have you got, and what do you want for it?"



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No problem Dale.

Yes I'm looking for a 72-73.

Good body, may need some work but not a complete rebuild. Solid frame rails.

I'm tossing around the idea of a stock looking car, bumpers and all with a V8 under the hood. Have not fully decided yet.

Engine condition may not be that much of an issue. Then again.

I see you're in Tampa, I'm in Lakeland.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Maybe you should send your message as a PM.

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OH Poo!

My intent was to poke a little fun, and possibly increase your parts sales-if I offended either of you in any way, that was certianly not my intention-where is that tongue in cheek smile when you need it!:classic:


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Don't take this as me being rude or being an A$$ but if you want to sell stuff you need to know how to do it.

I think anyone posting should be required to read the sticky post regarding hints about selling.

I for one have been known to see an ad and buy something not because I need it at the time but because I either will need it or fell the price is to good to pass up.

The best way to sell what you have is to list what it is and how much you want. If you have too much to list, start with a partial list and then add to it as you sell stuff. Always list an asking price. If you are willing to move on the price "OBO" tells the possible buyer that. Tell them if shipping is included or not and if you have paypal or how you would like to be paid.

I would have much rather sent you an email saying, I'll take the radiator, 4 springs, steering wheel, etc tell me how much the shipping is so I can pay you than this post.

I'm tempted to make an offer of $5.00 for everything you have including shipping to Arizona. Those are the offers you are asking for when you don't name a price.

Many members have quickly moved a large amount of stuff on here by doing it the right way.

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Hey Will- i checked your Ebay feedback, but it's all for "Mature Audiences, Porno, etc" Whats up with that??!ROFL ROFL

Seriously- good advice here, i await a list of "stuff" i don't need, but may buy anyway, anxiously.

Dale, got a decent rear 73 bumper?


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