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What's wrong with this picture?


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Hi folks,

I was searching through Ebay this evening and spotted this:


Something about this does not look right. I think the back face plate belongs on a 1970 240Z with only the AM radio. I thought the signal searching feature (the markings above the left knob) was not available on 240z's between 1971 - 1973. Am I wrong?



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That actually looks like a RHD radio for a 70 or early 71.

The notation above the left knob is only for DX or LD, an old notation for DISTANT and LOCAL station reception. In newer stereos this is done automatically, but back then you would select a tighter band reception for stations further away.

The reason I say a RHD radio is that the volume and on-off switch knob is on the right.

The toggle switch for the antenna didn't go above the tuning knob on the right (USA market) till late 71.


Enrique Scanlon

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My 1970 has the volume/tone control on the right side like on the Ebay picture. I'm pretty sure that my stock radios for my 1972's and 1973's (cars long gone) had the volume/tone controls on the left side.

What I don't understand is that the window for the radio stations is part of the face plate itself. Does this mean that someone took out the window from a later 240Z and put it in a early 240Z face plate? Or was there a period between series I and series II cars that had the old face plate and the new AM/FM radios?

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That's interesting to note.

My car (Sep 71) had an aftermarket stereo installed when I got it. When I went to the boneyard to find a replacement for it, the one that I found had the volume on the left and the antenna switch above the right knob. Pictures that I've seen in the owner's manual is what tells me I got the right one.

This would be something that Alan T. should comment on, probably Kats would be interested also.


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Sorry - I don't think I can be of much help on this one.

I can give you part numbers from the Nissan R-DRIVE parts books, but not specific details on what was fitted when, or what side the tuning knobs were on for each particular market.

However, its clear from the parts books that there were 4 different radios for the early cars ( two types of Auto-Tuning version, one ordinary 5-button and one AM-FM especially for Europe ) and also two versions of the combined radio / 8 Track tape player.......

All of the above were listed as 'Optional Equipment' for the UK / European market.

I'm sorry - I don't know what Hitachi model numbers the above-mentioned part numbers relate to. I don't have that data.

I don't even have one of the push-button radios for the ZG. I have the original radio / 8 Track - but its not installed in the car LOL - its buried deep inside my garages somewhere - so I'm afraid I can't confirm on which side the tuning knob is located. Do you think they really made RHD and LHD versions?

I can type out those part numbers if you think it might help - but I don't know what you are going to cross-ref them with?

Alan T.

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I think this comes back to the whole argument about "which market it was designed for"

I wouldn't be surprised if they originally made a right hand version, and used it for the left hand side as well to save cost.

I have a 1970 240z, unfortunatly the previous owner removed it a long time ago. :(

So I can't help you ID it.

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Don't know if this will help in your discussions, but here's a pic of my radio from my early '70 car. Face plate looks just like the one in the e-bay pic. However, you'll note that the dash and map light are later style, since my PO replaced some things not knowing the differences between early and late cars. He was adamant, however, that the radio was original.


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My 1971 240 (May 1971 and HLS30-30222) has the exact same radio as mdbrandy. I bought the car in 1972 so I'm very sure it's original.

I should say it looks just like mdbrandy's except without the radio knobs!! Anyone have an extra set for sale?

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