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WTB Early 70's Z car


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Im really not picky other then I'd like a pre-78 Z car. It can be a 240z 260z, 280zx 2+2 or not, I really dont care. Interior can be shot, as long as a drivers seat, steering wheel, and gas/break/clutch pedals are present I'll be happy. I have about 1000 to spend max, and the car needs to be daily drivable as is. An alright body, good engine and crap interior would be satisfactory for me. But the engine is a must. Im probably just going to restore it, but if I come across some money I may go the SBC conversion...I'm in central florida and would like to get one soon. Thanks

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ehhh... I should rephrase it. I want a Z car from 1978 and older, not just early 70's. And I have looked at the zcar.com classifieds, I found a 79 280, and I may take that up as its onl 550 and can be a DD untill I can afford a restoration. But personally I think thats the transition year from sexy to ugly. So I'd rather have like a 72 240 or a 76 260...

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Im still looking... This time with a bit more money. So any one who's local (I migrate between Saint Cloud and Longwood) I'm interested in any z-car from 1970 - 1976. If you have or know of any please let me know. Just post up some contact info/background/price/etc... or email me at anon@xenayr.com. I'm already frequenting zcar.com, ebay, and various other sources trying to find one. Thanks.

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