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I think I F'd up my carbs


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I finally got to the point of my re-build on my 71 240z that I have purchased new exaust system and bought a carb rebuild kit from Ztherapy.

The first thing they say about cleaning your carbs is "DO NOT put them in a bucket of cleaner"

Well when I bought this car it did not run and I changed plugs, points, filters, and all the normal stuff to try to get the thing to run. Well one of the first things I did was stick those old dirty looking carbs in a bucket of cleaner.

I'm sure all the parts Ztherapy said would disolve have. Has anyone else ever done this?

What do I need to do?

where can I get the replacement parts which I have ruined.

I will of course call ZTherapy today.


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Thanks guys,

I talked to Ztherapy and they said pretty much all the things I need are in the re-build kit. They are going to send me some new rubber for the float bowls.

I look very forward to getting this car on the road.


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Well you were right. The rebuild went well and was very easy. The needle and nozzle didn't want to line up right but thankfully I have 4 screw carbs and was able to adjust the tube the nozzle slides into.


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