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New to the Forum! Need some assistance, Plz


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Recently became the proud owner of a Silver 1981 280ZXt (queue applause). The car overall is in great shape, MOST of the paint still has a nice clear coat to it and the glass and all seals still work well (no leaks). The engine still runs really well, the turbo spools up nicely, does not overheat even idling in traffic here in the Florida sun, and no leaks underneath the engine. Suffice to say, I love this car. The Ac still works, the cruise, cabin light, maplight, and all other little accessories still function well.

The problem I have with her is the typical rust i have read about here on the forum. The door bottoms and rocker panels are rusted pretty bad, and the hatch is rusted on a pretty big spot down on the bottom where the emblem is. The front frame rails are rusted, but the rest of the frame looks pretty intact. It is hard to see the rust on the floorpan since the undercoating is covering most of it. Rear quarterpanels have some rust underneath. Typical rust for this model from what I understand.

My question is, is there a guide out there, with pictures preferrably, on the web I can use to start the repairs? Do you guys have any suggestions on protecting the undercarriage from rust once I have removed the old rust? Do you guys and girls have any suggestions for products or websites with replacement panels..?

Sorry for the long post. I'm an admitted noob at this stuff, but I love the car, and I want to make her my everyday driver but she has to look good too.

Can you guys lend a hand?:classic:

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Yep. I was doing both simultaneously. Just came out of that search to check and see if anyone had responded yet. I have learned much from searching the forum. but I'd still like to see some nice pics of a Z that someone had repaired rust on, you know, a step by step. One thing that has helped a great deal ( with the exception of the actual rust repair) is the original service manual. The section on removing body panels is awesome.. definately recommend it, if you're going to be doing ANY kind of repair.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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I have done some floor pan replacement on my 240 . You should check with charley Osborne at zed findings . He makes the pan I used and has top quality stuff. I dont know about stuff for a ZX but its worth a check. I used POR to treat the rust and all bare metal after sand blasting . There is another product call Rust Bullet sold by Eastwood I think. It is supposed to be as good and easier to work with . I havent tried the stuff but I know the POR and elected to use it. zedfind@kos.net is Zedd Findings.

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