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Thinking of selling my 240K


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I'm STILL thinking if I should sell my 240K

I just cant find time and money spending on her right now as I'm saving going to Europe early next year around FEB


just cancel the registration and start the project next year after the holiday

cant afford paying two rego and two insurance

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If you really love it, and you've got the space, keep it in storage - unregistered - with a bit of an inconspicuous drive around the block every now and then it'll be waiting patiently for when you can afford the project...

Remember, it's hard to find an example of a 240K Coupe in as good condition as yours, so if you give it up you might never find another one like it! On the other hand, you might find something even better... that's about as much advice i'd like to give :ermm: :ermm:

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I know!

I've seen two so far in brisbane (and one is a sedan model)

Its just difficult to source parts mainly (GTR stuff)

I just saw this nice RX4 thats why Im having 2nd thought of this car as well...

well if get some good offers then I might sell it, I got someone already who's going to have a look at it my friends friend...

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