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Countdown is on now!!!!


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Ok, with the warm winter, if everything goes as planned, i should be able to have my car out of the storage and finalize the papers with the seller!!!

Only 15 looooooong days again to wait!

Can't wait to drive the car for the 1st time..

I'm anxious, cos I need to run a mechanical inspection on the car, but indeed, can,t wait anymore!!!:tapemouth

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Yep, nothing like the excitement of going to check out a new car!! Oughta be able to bottle up that juice & sell it at the pharmacy..

Now, in regards to "i just can't wait"-

My Dad would always ask me- "What are you going to do instead?" My other favorite piece of advise from Dad- "Don't wizz on a flat rock."

Was always entertaining at our place, i gotta admit. Good luck with the car, keep us all up & post some pics! Zya, JA

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