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Rev.Victor Webb

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Hi y'all. I'm new to the site (just signed on) and was suggested to say Hi. I have a '70 240Z. Its all stock except for a 5 speed tranny and older American Racing wheels. It has some rust and a snot-load of minor problems, though it is a very strong runner.I grew up around Z cars as my uncle owned a Z shop for years (and probably still does). My favorite thing about the Z is the fact that I can blow those hot-rod Hondas off the freeway at will and do so without the use of computers and fuel injection. The only thing (and I mean ONLY) I have a problem with is a very Stiff suspension (bad back),but this is outwieghed by the car itself so it doesn't really matter. So long for now.

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Welcome aboard, I'm kind of new here myself but so far found it to be a great resource. I'm going to drop a donation to the site as soon as I get a 240....that's right, I don't have a 240. :(

I had a '70 240 which was wrecked years ago (not my fault) and got a '91 240sx after that. I then traded up to a '90 300zx twin turbo. We're now considering selling the twin turbo and finding a classic 240 to work on....ahhhh the simple things (anything is simple compared to the twin turbo engine).

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