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L26 with 71-72 SU Carbs


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Hi, I just got started on my first ever Z car, unfortunety it doesn't run for beans... yet. I was wondering though, would the carbs from a 71-72 240z run better on the L26 then it's stock carbs? I've got a 260z I'm swapping parts out of into a 240z. Is there a difference in the intake manifolds for the 240z and the 260z? I think I have the earlier model 260z if that makes a difference. Which would be best for power on the L26? I understand there is more displacement on the L26 but is it significantly heavier the the L24? I'm hoping to bring some life back to this L26 since it hasn't run in 10 years or so, and I figured changing out the carbs might be one of the things I might need to do. Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated. Even if they are like many I get telling me I'm crazy to start this project! Thanks!

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Early style carbs will work on the L-26 but you will need to use the carb linkage that came with the early carbs. If you have the 240 carbs on an intake just swap the whole thing over, the 260 manifold had provisions for the smog equipment you may not need. If you can register the car without the smog equipment you can take all that off and plug off all those hoses and save a little weight there.

The early round top carbs will be much better than the later flat top carbs. The flat tops were a PITA, that's why Nissan only used them from 73 to early 74, then changed to fuel injection in 74 1/2.

The displacement is slightly higher in the L-26 but as far as I now the weight is pretty close to the same. The only added weight came when they added the fuel injection.

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