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240K GTservice manual

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I'd really like one,

The guy I got my car off has got two but won't sell me one and I can't find another one anywhere.

It's definately the Service manual and NOT the parts manual though isnt it?

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This guy I met had bought a job lot of brand new parts from a nissan dealer that had closed down, but not even having owned a nissan he didnt know what went where so he selling them cheap.

I picked up a s30 260z SM for $15

nos gearboot, shifter rubber and two 1600 lenses for $5 :love:

Saw the 240k gt sm

new shock inserts

what look like nos 260z front struts

nos ring @ pinion $20

he told me to come around to his place some time to check out the other boxes of gaskets, parts etc.

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Far out.. sounds pretty decent! :)

Is there enough stuff to spend days going through? I love that kinda place. :love:

If you wouldn't mind going back to get the 240KGT service manual at some stage, I'd be more than appreciative.

My long term plan is to take all the info from the service and parts manuals and brochures and put it online on a dedicated Skyline website so everyone can benefit from it...

OH, and if he's got a 240Z or K 5-speed shift knob, I'd like one of those too :classic:

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