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  2. Thank man, I plan to keep it as stock as possible. I scored a bunch of parts yesterday. A lady in Elizabeth, CO has a parts hoard. She sells parts on Ebay under Z car crazy. I got a right front marker light, a nice rear tail light, a window crank, a new style 240 mustache bar, a new style transverse assembly, and a used untested transmission for $415. Since I need to take the trans out anyway I am going to swap in the other one and see if it works. I can return the used trans if there is a problem and I found all the parts to fix the original one if I need to. Today I am going to start soaking the bolts with PB blaster and order parts. I will be ready next week to get started. I am pretty excited.
  3. So my ZX motor came out of a car with an auto trans, and I've got a couple questions about that... First, I've noticed that the thin steel plate that goes between the block and the transmission is different. The manual version is one piece, but the auto version uses a two piece version with a separate small piece that bolts into place on the bottom. They did that so you could access the bolts that attach the torque convertor to the flex plate. Question is... Can I use the auto version with a manual transmission, or do I need to source one of those plates? Second, Are flywheel bolts the same as flex plate bolts? I'm guessing that the flywheel is probably thicker than the flex plate and used longer bolts, but I'm sure someone here has been through all of this before and knows off the top of their head.
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  5. The 30-year Heisei Era came to an end and the Reiwa Era began with the official transition of royal rule on May 1 of this year. However, the new emperor’s actual coronation ceremony, which expects foreign dignitaries and envoys from … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  6. For which purposes you are looking for truck tailgate? I have Ram 1500 truck which i use for Queens NY Blocked Driveway Towing, i have a similar tailgate and i use it when it required, its a light weight and durable avail on amazon and ebay also.
  7. At a certain airspeed something starts to vibrate, maybe it's in the air mass meter. Take the airfilter and stuff in front of it off and look if it's gone.. For the running of the engine, got an airleak? it's not running well..
  8. Tried that also, but I clearly SAW a lot of play in the hinges when pushing down on the hood, before the accident that wasn't the case, So I guess the " hit " made the hood pull the hinges up, wrecking the pivot points and geometry.. I will look for hinges hopes this makes it much better ?
  9. The Mustang is driving me crazy.. the shop here in The Netherlands who build the AOD, forgot to modify other things like the input shaft and transgo shift kit. He only put in the clutch pack. Even the converter was wrong. So it shifted way to early in kickdown and also the converter grabbed way to quick ! He has been re-doing it, I hope to pick it up end of this week or begin next week, and then have it back under the Mustang before winter kicks in. I will further drive and tune it then in spring.. Hope it can handle the horsepower and torque of the 351C now.. It seems there are few shops with experienced people left who can build a decent automatic tranmission when it comes to performance ? ...
  10. LOL, that you did Captain, that you did. It's going to be a learning process and a test of patience but it will go back together! Here's a general question. I'd gone some searching and their seem to be as many answers as there are people, but what are the opinions on the process of going about this. My plan is 1) Media Blast 2) Epoxy primer 4) Rust repair and at some point in there I need to fix the oil canning in the roof. I'm holding a bit till the humidity and weather drops around here, but i'll have to act fast before it gets below freezing. Thoughts?
  11. Haha!! Fair enough. Hope it comes together!
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  13. Good stuff. Thanks! Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  14. My Hitachi AM/FM is gutless, only picks up a few stations, and drifts away from the stations it gets. I'm planning to swap in a new radio but would rather keep it looking stock. So hell yes I'd do that.
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