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  2. Thanks for your help! I'll make sure that I "pay it forward" with others who may need some of the old bits that I've collected over the years.
  3. According to Randy, the ceramic coating is improved with each application. I don't know about filling surface imperfections. I'm pretty sure it won't show up as white where you missing buffing the way wax does.
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  5. Well this thread is amazing... but also makes you realize just how much work and attention to detail is involved and most importantly how far you have to go on your own project! Really great work motorman. What’s your rules for silver vs yellow plating? Looks like everything suspension/steering/drivetrain and engine bay gets yellow and silver for everything else? also how did you finish your halfshafts? Is it clear over aluminum paint? Looks quite striking, only ever seen black used. Do you just wire wheel and clear coat the gearbox case? Ryan
  6. To confirm, there is not a question here of these wheels being copied, nor of them being 'knock-offs' ; they were factory-produced to the same tolerances and details as those already being commercialised. bona fide /ˌbəʊnə ˈfʌɪdi,ˌbəʊnə ˈfiːdeɪ/ adjective genuine; real. "she was a bona fide expert" These wheels are bona-fide reproductions, an amusing contradiction I find and which inspried me to brand them "REAL WHEELS". Here is the choice of centre-hub stickers which will be available for both styles of wheels.
  7. I decided I hate the Sound of my compressor. Plus it is a pile of junk. I splurged and bought a rotary screw Schulz 4008. Which is a pretty small footprint 60 gallon 7.5hp unit 69db and 25 cfm. All the larger compressors that could handle the cfm were huge. To run vapor rig you really need a minimum of 18cfm. But really 25cfm. Hopefully this is the last compressor I have to buy in my life.
  8. The black area is the metal frame where the molded foam does not cover the arm rest. Yes, it has two channels, one on each side. However if you pull one side to cover the arm rest area it uncovers the other side. It seems to be too narrow.
  9. To add some balance (as essentially as I see it, these are a M-speed product), I brought a set (z432 style not the "works" style on this thread) via Yahoo Japan about 2 years ago through M-speed's auction, well before anybody else outside of Japan. M-speed has their Z432 style and Works style are listed here; https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&exflg=1&p=ホイールマグ+z432&x=25&y=22 Or I can supply Jamel's email for direct contact.
  10. Dude! If you think that a 350Z looks like an Audi TT, you've been wanking too much and you're loosing your vision! 87mj, no, you don't see too many S30s these days. The vast majority of the Z-car community is post S30. It's a much younger crowd and a whole different perspective. It has been that way for some time.
  11. I'm sorry i don't have the numbers here, my fiche reader is no longer here.. but you can find the numbers on the internet. So Bosch has sold it's name also to the chinese junkmakers?
  12. We did some brainstorming, including heaving the early one remolded, but that would be way to expensive, they will only do it from at least a 1000 pieces. So I decided to modify the later one, back to the early one. I think it worked out. I will test it to make sure, just waiting for the strap to come in first. I cut the purple, and added to red, so the " slope " is the same, and the holes are on the same spot as the early one. With the purple cut out, you can now put the M12 nut under there. I could not just simply twist the mount 180 because that would change the angle.. so this was the only way. Welded the mount with the rubber part of it submerged in some water, so it wouldn't melt..
  13. Zed Head


    I was offering a simple solution that all sides should accept. Except maybe the death part. I projected. How about just instantaneous signs of infection. Frothing at the mouth, collapse, cries of agony. So that everyone knows there's an infected person present. It will cut down on contact tracing needs dramatically. The link I posted was about how it's not just the young people (college usually implies young). These guys are all older. Biker crowds.
  14. I usually get in that spot too, just staring at the car not knowing where to go. I even bought a whole other chassis and started working on that because it did not need AS much repair. (Probably was a good idea learned a lot) 60% of the time I just grab a tool and start doing something, and it gets the creativity flowing. How’s the hatch striker panel? the one above the tail lights.
  15. Hey ConverTT I've just started building this jig for my project. Thanks very much for your detailed dimensions and photos. It’s taking me a while due to lack of previous metal fabrication experience but I will get quicker. With the rear diff carrier frame, did you build it with the smaller box section and angle to avoid removing the fuel lines or so during reassembly you could install fuel lines with the frame on? Do you recommend getting the the base 3m lengths completely level before you assemble all the frames and attach to chassis? Or doesn’t really matter? also do you recall the rough size of bolt you used on the jig? Ryan
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  17. Yes sir!! I appreciate the advice. This is my first restores and limited experience. I have some assistance but the person isn’t very comfortable with all the specifics in 240zs. The simpler we keep it, the better. I will probably hold on to the turbo/5 spd for a later project. Thanks all for input. I’m pretty sure I will reach out for more. Once we get started, I will post some pics.
  18. I once put mine on a trailer with only starter torque. The only thing I worried about was every time the starter turned the engine over it would push the trailer forward and backward. I was afraid the ramps would come out of the hook... Stock starter is fine!
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