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  2. From what I gather there are adjustments on the back of all the gauges - ducks for cover as he awaits being corrected, without mercy or compassion! I will be messing with the Rev counter soon as it’s about 10% optimistic across the range. The 123 ignition while cruising tells me this; and I’m more inclined to believe it than a 40+ year old analogue gauge. Back on topic, I was quite surprised to find that what I considered very small variations in standing voltage at room temperature show a dramatic difference in the state of charge / the health of the battery. The AGM battery used in my Audi with stop/start, I always felt was no longer at it’s best and you can watch the voltage drop quite quickly as you stop at the lights - yet it does start the car on the coldest of winter days. With the engine off she holds 12.3-12.2v, which to me says for the stop/star to work as intended, she needs replacing- see chart below. So my advice is disconnect the battery, check voltage when not cold or hot as well as checking the calibration of your gauge. My Z gauge shows a standing voltage of 12.5ish - but then again the battery is two years old, is disconnected ( using the battery isolator) every time the car is not in use and lives in a heated garage.
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  4. Never heard of these before and wondering if the popularity of google searches for the virus has resurrected this Toyota’s fame!? [emoji848]
  5. I will break out the duster! Rebuilt mine.
  6. Mike

    Post numbers

    LoL, you guys are funny.. I'm right up there with you when it comes to new acronyms or icons that represent something. I'm only savvy with it because I do a lot of programming and social media links. Unfortunately the post number feature is a goner. The feature constantly needed updates when new versions of our forum software were installed and I think the guy who gave it to me is MIA. Also keep in mind that post numbers can change too. For instance, if we have 50 posts and something in position 25 is deleted, the post count can be off. We don't see it that often, though. For some reason, post numbers are no longer in the base forum software anymore. But, I'll keep looking to see if I can find something. From what I can tell, it looks like you guys are already using the post links pretty well. 😉
  7. Cleaning up the engine electrical harness here. There was the usual dirt and oil, but also some orange overspray that had to be re-moved. Replaced most of the terminals and yellowed covers with new terminals and covers from vintage connections: Also, re-wrapped the harness with new tape.
  8. I just took a quick look at the parts breakdown and they call that front gear the "Main Drive Gear, and it's mate is "The Counter Drive Gear". 6 GEAR-MAIN DRIVE GEAR-COUNTER DRIVE The do, however, number the remaining gears: 19 ASSY-GEAR,1ST MAIN S 20 ASSY-GEAR,2ND MAIN S 22 ASSY-GEAR,3RD MAIN S I probably should have checked first.
  9. So the metal sleeve is still in there, I think I see it). I wonder if the urethane bushings are meant to have the sleeve removed? Might be an option if you can't find a replacement. Press the sleeve out with a vise or a press if the urethane that you have is too tight to fit. It's probably about like a front control arm bushing.
  10. Yeah, that's a nice plug. Way nicer than using a normal bolt. The shoulder provides a much better sealing surface (as it was intended). So, is the head metric? Or is it (like so much of the other "metric" stuff available here) metric threads, but an English sized head (like 1/2 inch)? Also, I wouldn't use the O-ring. I'd use an aluminum or brass crush washer designed for that. I don't think the O-ring is the right seal for that type or twisting/crushed sealing application. That O-ring was probably designed for an application that had a counterbore cut in the female portion as a groove to hold the O-ring. It's nice that it came with, but I wouldn't use it.
  11. Hi ,I missed this thread. The fake is a nice try , but it has to be described as "reproduction " . Here are my D caps comparison I believe I posted some where in this forum before. Later more teeth type is a bit darker gray but it is so subtle . Kats
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  13. I guess I am Calorically Challenged LOL, I need a 280Z seat belt extender, anybody know if they are available anywhere or what extender might possibly fit the 240-280Z?? Thanks Greg
  14. Finally reinstalled the exhaust heat shields last night after clutch install. Then I started fiddling with the BCDD and found the bolt on the bottom hanging down moves in and out freely about a 1/2 inch, kind of floppy. When pushing in, there is what could be described as soft resistance. However, the bolt can not be twisted with just my grasping fingers. Is this normal or has the bolt been completely backed out which I believe would render BCDD inop? When I get more time, i'm going to pull the TB and clean it up.
  15. Stroker Diesel crank is back from marine crankshaft! Offset ground to 84.6mm Toyota rod ends 1.8896” Ground main journals to -020” Dynamic balance Ion plasma nitride, straighten and micro polished.
  16. It got a bid. $8,000. USD, I assume.
  17. Could still be dirty/corroded terminals. Or loose terminals. Many people just push the terminals on to the battery posts by hand and leave them that way. They have to be cleaned then clamped down tightly on the posts for the cleaning to last. Otherwise they just get corroded again.
  18. @RIP260Z thanks for the info. My aftermarket one is 16MM. seems I will have to keep looking or accept a different look.
  19. If you're going to order some stickers from a pro, PM me first. We might be able to work out a split cost.
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