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  2. View Advert 1977 280Z 1977 Datsun 280 Z Under 80k miles Immaculate Current Work to date Fuel Injectors have been cleaned flowed and calibrated Replaced Fuel Rail with a larger OD rail Re stored the electrical to all injectors Falken Tires Installed 215 60R 15 on era correct rims. New Radiator replaced as with all hoses, new belts, water pump New NGK Plugs and Silicone Wires. Fuel Tank was removed and boiled out. Fuel lines cleaned and cleared, new fuel pump & filter Air conditioning recharged with current R 34 KYB Struts with Eibach Progressive Springs lowered 2” New Poly Urethane boots and bushings all around Replaced Intake Manifold with a newer more efficient design Chromed Valve Cover from Scotts. Replaced Headlights with Halogen Replaced 4 speed with 5 speed manual transmission, new clutch, throw out bearing, New master and slave cylinders, flywheel ground New Master Brake Cylinder Replaced exhaust from Catalytic Converter back with 2 1/8” piping. Replaced Seats Custom Reupholstered Installed a XM/Bluetooth Stereo System Car Painted in 2104 matching color New Front Windshield with new gasket Advertiser codespanker Date 07/20/2019 Price $11,200.00 Category Cars for Sale Year 1977 Model 280Z Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  
  3. View Advert Restored 240Z steering wheels I've nearly finished one of my exhaust-parallel projects - 'new' 240Z steering wheels so time to share some photos. Once upon a time 50 years ago, all steering wheels were like new. Now they can be again and the perfect 50th anniversary gift for yourself and your car ! Completely stripped, spokes repainted and the the rim given several high-quality gloss coats, these will have new or refurbished horn mechanisms and centre pushes. They feel so lovely in ones' hands - a 'must' to finish your restorationand in a world where more and more people fit the black leather, competition replicas, be different and go old-school with the real thing ! Basic price will be US$675 (no horn push and your wheel in exchange). There are a lot of hours' work gone into these Advertiser Sean Dezart Date 07/21/2019 Price $675.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  4. So I pulled the pistons and the fuel level looked low maybe 1/4" below the needle seat. I pulled the float chambers off and am trying to adjust the float and valve. In the Z Therapy video he says to set the float to .55". But he also mentions long and short eared float chambers and different levels needed. The FSM and other repair manuals give different gap measurments. What is the gap measurement that I am looking for my set up?
  5. I let about a 1/4c of fluid drain out from the fill plug. Tries to roll just a bit and cranks slow. I am hoping once I get it to idle it will free something up.
  6. Nice work! You may be interested in putting them in the classifieds so it's easier to find.
  7. The white 77 won best stock Z. It was an Arizona car.
  8. Wow. I need to talk to my neighbors more. Very well done. And I agree with some of the sentiment above... If you have any doubt at all that you're just going to drive it, then I wouldn't even clean it. I would leave it just the way it is and contact BAT.
  9. An update to the project... I've got all the valves sorted out and cleaned up waiting to be reinstalled. I cleaned up all the burrs and distorted metal in the holes on the head and cam towers where the alignment dowel rings go. This allowed me to test fit the cam towers and my "new" cam. So far so good!!! Spins easy with two fingers! And that was even without a whole bunch of fiddling with the towers and the bolts. @jonathanrussell This. Might. Just. Work!!!! Some of the alignment rings for the towers were bent and mangled beyond use, so I need to get some of them on order. That and a head gasket.
  10. Currently having the same issue with my 1981 280ZX. And still working on it. I'm working under the dash, driver side. I had mice in my engine bay but they didn't eat up wires since wire sheathing is not made from vegetable matter. This is a current issue so I hope to share with you my findings.
  11. I got a notification from @gwri8 for this post. I'm in Cleveland but I don't have my car mobile right now. I have a lot of things off of it doing a bunch of installs. I have another rough stock '73 sitting covered up if you want to look at it and compare anything. There will be a few differences from '72 to '73. As suggested load the FSM and there's also great wiring diagrams that can be downloaded. I also bought a laminated full color wiring diagram a few years ago and I think it's 11x17. And it was priced decently. Just message me if you need and if I can help I'll try my best. Thanks for tagging me Greg. Good to hear from you. I'm still around slowly working on two car projects and moving soooo slow it's pathetic, lol.
  12. You are better off money wise just sourcing a donor 280zx turbo. It's a much easier starting point.Take whatever drivetrain pieces you need. You will also be better off with the early 280z EFI fuel tank, which are getting scarce. I can't answer the driveshaft question. I figure that out once the swap is done. Maybe some one will know off the top of their head...
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  14. Welcome to the forum, I'm interested why you used Pine-sol, was it just what you had on hand or is it good for other things? The fact that the MC was seized means after you get it cleaned up it probably won't work for you anyway, they use to sell a rebuild kit but the new MC are still pretty inexpensive so it's still easier and safer to grab a new one. Same goes for the wheel cylinders, the clutch MC and slave cylinder.
  15. View Advert 280z coil bracket Looking for the coil bracket in photo. Please pm or e-mail if you have one for sale. Thanks....Ron Advertiser zclocks Date 07/20/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 280z  
  16. So what size do you need? The lash pads are available . Have you done a wipe with stock pads?
  17. Anyone heard anything else? I preordered the 280Z dash and have not heard back since May. It also seems their Instagram account has gone quite. I’m getting a bit worried...
  18. Good to hear you found the problem.. only thing i wanted to ad is clean your injectors with injectorcleaner.. you put it in the tank with some new gas and just let it run. most times these old injectors don't give the same amount of fuel each time they fire.. it's just an extra.. maybe it will run even better after a good clean.
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