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  2. Thanks Dave, just noticed your in Central Fl. also. I’m in over in Lakeland. The car is in Haines city in my families warehouse. I dropped the tank and had it cleaned and coated. Been running out of a gas can. Was holding off installing it until I swap the AT to 5 speed and r200 diff. Thought it would give me a lot more room to work with. Not to mention brake issues so driving it might be a problem for now. Thermostat and plugs are new as well. I’ll get a chance to run it tomorrow for the first time and get it up to temp. Now that the bcdd issue is resolved I can at least let it idle for awhile.
  3. Great! I’ll give that a try. I’ll swap out my rubber mallet for my plastic hammer, and I’ll also switch to pounding. Thanks guys!
  4. I don’t pretend to look anything like Christian Bale, but there is a photo of me getting ready to go on track that many have thought to be similar to his portrayal of Ken Miles 😂
  5. They changed the pinion body clamp design in the ZX transmissions. The pinion is essentially the same but the mount is reversed 180 degrees. On the early transmissions, the key and bolt were on top. With the ZX, they moved the key and bolt to the bottom. It was actually a smart design change for ease of service but it has tricked many a Z owner. The change was only in the pinion body (carrier) - the gear & shaft remain the same and are interchangeable as are the seals. If you take one completely apart, you'll see what I mean. To use an early Z transmission pinion assembly in a ZX transmission, you'd need to cut a new slot on the bottom of the pinion body. Easier to either get the right assembly or swap the new gear & shaft (which you can order separately) into the correct body for the ZX transmission.
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  7. Like everything else unimportant it's hard wired. Styx were big in my middle school years? Maybe grade school? The album cover with the trees I think is the one I had.
  8. Just announced - 400 rooms added to the block at the same rate. Get 'em before they're gone!
  9. Yes, used wire wheels for clean-up. I have a number of different styles and used most of them. Will use the steel wool and phosphoric acid for final rear cover clean-up and shine. That seems to work well together. The mounting studs came out 'by themselves'. The locknuts seem to hold on to the studs better than the rear cover.
  10. As regular JNC readers know, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Nissan GT-R and the Nissan Fairlady Z. The GT-R debuted on February 21, 1969 and the Fairlady Z debuted on October 18, 1969. Nissan has released two videos … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  11. I believe that I have successfully grounded that wire. However when I go through your steps, I dont see all the wires that you are talking about. For whatever reason, I'm seeing what appears to be W11 on that relay connector. Is that correct?
  12. Well that's cool as hell! My first punk cassette tape. Then Devo, The Cramps, then Fear and I was and still am a punk.
  13. Agreed. I'm assuming that when everything was brand spanking new, tight fitting hoses and gaskets, little blow-by, and all that... Maybe it made enough of a difference that they felt they needed to disable it at idle (and WOT), but these days on worn engines with probable small leaks elsewhere, it's just a tiny unaccounted for offset that doesn't make much difference.
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