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  2. I bought this car new, here in Houston, in 1976, and drove it until 1982, when it was then mostly garaged. I woke it up in 2000, had it painted yellow, and did some suspension upgrades, and it was again driven regularly for a few years by my sons. Then it sat in my driveway from 2006, where rain and failing weatherstripping took its toll. The fenders, cowl cover, floors, frame rails, rockers, lower doors, lift gate, and quarters rusted through. I moved it into the garage 3 years ago and began work on it.
  3. Here is another pic that looks like the piece is there but no screw hole.
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  5. I agree with @grannyknot and @jfa.series1 that the brake tubes originally were yellow cad or zinc plated. Here is a picture of one of the original tubes that I have recently removed from my 7/70 car. They were covered with under coating and as I scrape it off there is lots of evidence of yellow colored plating.
  6. Welcome here on this site, Have you installed the right yoke .. there should be ZERO play on the driveshaft is you try to shift it from left to right..(and up and down..) Also, i think you did'nt use the right seal (twice) on your gearbox outletshaft.. (as far i know you can use the seal from a 5 for a 4 speed gearbox.) Again there should be NO play on the driveshaft it will leak oil after a short while, the new seal gets worn fast. And.. pictures can help..
  7. Keith, Count me in for one set!
  8. I am looking into the options for carpet in my 7/1973 240z and have some questions about what was original. My car didn’t have much of the interior when I bought it. It was kind of a husk on the inside. In reading about the carpet options it seems that generally people think the Newark Auto 11-piece kit is the best, followed by their 7-piece kit. Please disabuse me if this assumption if I’m wrong, but it’s what a few days of Google has turned up. I’m also seeing that “some cars” had rubber in place of 4 of the pieces, hence the 7-piece kit. Does this mean not all Zs had the diamond quilted vinyl on the transmission hump? What was happening on the outer edges at the sills? I have the trans hump vinyl in a box, and my firewall had what seems like mat-board behind the dash, but not carpet. I’ve put Dynamat down on the floors and will be putting foil-backed insulation over that. I may put carpet padding between that and that carpet, but either way I will need to go to the sills with something, whether its carpet or the afore mentioned rubber (?). Advice and photos of your setup are appreciated.
  9. 4-5 psi fuel pressure may be too much pressure for the float valves. 3-3 1/2 psi is all the carbs need. I'm assuming the 5 psi occurs at higher RPMs.
  10. Thanks for the pointers. I like the idea of using a drill to spin the transmission. That and checking for metal flake in the fluid seems like a good plan.
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  12. Good idea, I was just thinking about spraying some black paint. But the textured finnish seem better. thak you!
  13. well I just finished installing the recondition 240 fuel rail and removed the 260 one with the asbestos . I am not going to install a fuel pressure regulator as with the carter p60430 pump the fuel pressure is at 3.95 psi with the gauge installed at the start of the new fuel rail. I just ran a vacuum line from the balance tube to the carbon canister to solve that problem.
  14. I figured I'd post an update here. The guy sold the cam to someone else before sending me any pictures of the stampings, so it may have been a CWC billet cam. I think I'll be sending my stock cam to Delta Cams for a regrind (as well as the rocker arms). I need to call and talk to them still. I'd like a semi-aggressive cam, but I do want to run round top SU's for a while, with my eye on a triple Weber DCOE setup in the future. If any one has grind recommendations for that while retaining low end power, I'm open to it. I'm guessing that's vaguely a Stage 2 or Stage 3, but from what I understand the stage designations are a bit arbitrary. Thanks all!
  15. Hi z3beemer. Here is a picture of my ‘71 z. If this is the seam in question, hope it helps. let me know if you need more pictures.
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