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Hatch anti corrosion interior passageways

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Mikes Z car


Hi all,

I went to spray the interior metal passageways of my 240Z hatch with a Transtar Amber anti corrosion spray can and noticed there is a reinforcement plate on both sides and top of the hatch. To spray the two passageways created by this plate on the sides was easy as I just had to guide with my hand the 3 foot long spray wand above and then below the reinforcement plate as you can feel the end of the plate with your hand. See drawings. After I did this on both sides I drilled a couple of holes at the top middle of the hatch to give access to the top and bottom of the reinforcement plate in that area. Access to that area can also be had without removing the hatch as I did by drilling in the corner, see last drawing. Be sure the two corner holes line up with the two passageways at the top of the hatch especially if you use the Transtar spray wand as it isn't flexible enough to go around tight turns. I plugged the holes later with plugs I got at an auto parts store and sealed them with silicone. The animated .GIF drawing shows the location of the reinforcement plate. The end of it can be seen by looking up in the bottom inside area of the hatch with the interior finisher removed.


Where I ran the spray wand on sides of hatch:


Black U shaped area is reinforcement plate (click for animation):


Drill two holes for spraying top of hatch:


Transtar Amber Spray can (spray can on left):


Wand used was 3 ft long, sprays 360 degree pattern: (I found mine in a local automotive paint shop, can also perhaps find with google)

#4471 Transtar Rustproofing Wand (includes three 3 ft wands and shorter red wands):


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    • It only takes 6 years... finally, I can test drive my car 😍    
    • Look at the VTO offerings. I have the wheels in 16x8 +3 (off of a 72 240Z that was parted) and they will fit fine on my 76 280Z. The 73 did not have coilovers.
    • Guest
      Mike, I'm looking for advice.  I have a 78 280z and i would like to put 16x8 inch wheels.  Is this possible and should the offset remain at 0?  I've been trying to get a set of Rewind or banana mags and can't seem to find the right set.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  Mark
    • I agree. We have some great members. @Mike Just remember "Imitation is the sincerest form of flatter". I have a similar yellow and the same bullet mirrors. I love the Rota's on your car although my bumpers will be pure chrome. No strips... It looks great!!!
    • Thanks for the pics, Mike. This site helped me in so many ways. I met people from all over the world and visited a few in New Zealand. The Zed is a unique car. There is actually none like it for the affordable enjoyment. I had one back in '74. Traded it for a 3/4 ton 4X4 Chevy p/u when I moved to the mountains. But I never forgot the excitement and love I had for that first car. In 2005 I bought another one and made it mine with new parts, paint, upholstery, etc. My wife calls it the "acceptable
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