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    -Mostly stock 72 240z 4spd with less than 50k. Silver with black interior.
    -Completely stock 72 240z 4spd with 24k. Orange with black interior.
    -Completely stock 75 280z with 65k. 304 Gold with black interior.
    -Completely stock 78 280z with 60k. Original pearl black with sap and black interior.
  1. Rear brake conversion

    Lots of options for doing either or both but....I am curious what are you trying to achieve. How do you use your car? What about the stock brake performance do you want to improve? My opinion...for a street car, even one that you drive in a really spirited way, totally rebuilt stock brakes with Porterfield or Hawk pads (and probably other brands too) work really well. And, along with pads, another way to improve stock brakes would be tires. I do track days with my MX-5 and braking is amazing. If I were to do track days with one of my zcars, I would probably start with stock brakes, track pads, and Castrol SPF brake fluid....and track appropriate tires. I bet I would need to improve my driving before I found myself needing better calipers, converting rear drums to disk, etc. Anyway...I don't mean to sound like I am discouraging upgrading. I have thought of doing it too....but usually remind myself how well the stock brakes work and then find something else to focus on. Just curious about your goals and thought process.
  2. Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

    Incredible car. Looking forward to watching your progress. Great work so far.
  3. Dished pistons for NA?

    Dave is a really smart guy and well respected but....given your situation I would encourage you to keep it simple and find the right pistons. They are out there on some shelf somewhere. And, honestly your best bet might be to take your time with this engine build and find a complete engine that is for sale but that was running recently. Folks do engine swaps in 280zs all the time. Craigslist typically has full engines for sale all the time. Here is a 75 L28 for sale. Not saying $900 is the right price but usually folks take less than what they advertise. Point is....engines are out there. And, if this is really a 75 L28 engine then it has a pretty nice N42 square port exhaust head. I bet in California Craigslist has lots of options. 75 L28
  4. Dished pistons for NA?

    Are you sure that Northern Auto doesn't have the ITM ry6134-20 in stock? ITM ry6134-20
  5. Dished pistons for NA?

    P79 head originally came with flat top pistons and was used for NA ZX cars. I personally would never build a P79 head with anything but flat top pistons. And, most folks who build the P79 head follow a process where they shave the head far more than you have. Guy can speak to this more.... @Diseazd
  6. Me & My Z - 45th Anniversary

    Really enjoyed your story about owning your 240z. Thanks for sharing. Your story caused me to think about some things. My dad bought his 72 240z in 73, slightly used, and paid as much as a new one. He put 190,000 miles on that car driving all over the southeast for his job. I drove a 280z during high school in the early 80s and put probably 30,000 miles on that car. My point is that reading your story and thinking about my dad's ownership makes me want to drive a 240z every day. Most of us, yes there are some exceptions, will never know what it is like to put that many miles on one of these cars and really experience all there is to know about the car. I find myself paranoid about letting it get wet. My dad drove his in the rain all the time. Funny.... Anyway, enjoyed the story. Take care.
  7. Hardway's Red Rocket 1972 240z Build Thread

    Looks like great fun. How is the rust situation?
  8. N42 Head on Ebay

    N42 heads are pretty hard to find. This one looks like a nice one to rebuild. N42 Head on Ebay
  9. Pads and Booster

    I personally don't see how the stick on shims would work or how they would be different from having no shim. I have found that something similar to the stock Nissan shim plus a light, full coating of brake grease / anti-squeal grease on both sides of the shim where contact is made with the pad and the caliper piston works. I have thought about why it works and I have a few theories but none are based on anything that really warrants sharing.
  10. brake proportioning valve

    I rebuilt two proportioning valves this weekend. I used the seal kit from MSA. I paid close attention to the orientation of the seals during disassembly. Both valves had the exact same seals in them and they were identical to the photos above where seal (3) in BR-8 is fluted / grooved on the flat outside edge and dotted on the cupped inside edge. Seal (5) in BR-8 is exactly like the photos above where it is a little thicker than seal (3) and not dotted or fluted / grooved on the outside or inside surface. For clarity, in the case of both seals, the cupped side is oriented to face the middle of the valve. I personally was easily able to match up the MSA seals with the equal (but not identical) original seals. I found disassembly and re-assembly to be fairly quick and easy. I used a small c-clip squeezer (not spreader) (OTC brand, 1120) to squeeze the c-clip and remove from valve. Re-installation is a little more tricky. I use the same c-clip squeezer to squeeze the c-clip and insert it partially into the valve. Then I used a 5/16 deep socket to push / press (gently) the c-clip down until it clicked into position. To be clear, I don't yet know whether the proportioning valve works as I am still rebuilding the brakes on my 240z. I should know in a week or so. The valve from my low mile car was very clean. The valve from the car I am rebuilding the brakes for was very full of dirt and sediment....but not corrosion. So, I feel like I accomplished something....assuming the valve works. And, I enjoy rebuilding little parts. I should also mention that I cleaned up all original seals and, to me, they look new....like they could be reused without concern. Again, I think the key thing I accomplished is cleaning out the valve.
  11. Maxima N47 cylinder head

    @esmit208 sorry but I do not. Those are pretty hard to find. I have one N42 on my 75 280 and one spare.
  12. Maxima N47 cylinder head

    I know folks express an interest in the Maxima N47 cylinder head from time to time. Here is one on ebay in case someone is interested. I have too many cylinder heads and two of these. Looks like it has been milled though. Good price though. To be clear, I am not the seller and do not know the seller. MN47 head on Ebay
  13. To buy or not to buy...that is the question

    Great car and price. When I was a kid my dad had a white / red 72. I love that combination. Wish we still had that car. Congratulations.
  14. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    All looks great. What product did you use to paint the differential black? Thanks..
  15. kia door seal thread

    Vintage Rubber. Fits perfect. Doors close, for me, perfectly. Looks original.