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  1. [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    My Z became new again! (Missed it by 3 miles... DOH!) And yes... that is a Jack in the Box head on the antenna...
  2. [2016] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    My Z became new again! (Missed it by 3 miles... DOH!) And yes... that is a Jack in the Box head on the antenna...
  3. Help removing front valnace

    It is likely underbody coating. It's what kept this car mostly rust free but makes stuff like this a HUGE pain. I am reading about silicone and that sounds like what it is. That at least gives me a direction to start in. Thanks.
  4. Help removing front valnace

    I am trying to remove front bumper and valance on my 1978 280z to make way for a new air dam. I am stuck removing the valance. I got all of the obvious bolts out, but there are 2 issues: The side fender and valance appear to be "fused" together? The last few bolts have some kind of gunk/material that is nearly hard as rock stuck on them and I can't get to the bolts. I thought the valance was 3 pieces. It looks like where the middle and side piece attach, there is a ton of gunk around the bolt that holds them together. WTF is this stuff? 2nd pic is zoomed in on area of first pic: Secondly, why do the fender and valance appear to be fused together at the seam? I didn't really want to take a screwdriver and hack at it... also, behind the valance in the 2nd pic below is another bolt that has a ton of gunk. No way I can get a socket or wrench around it. Any tips for getting these last few pieces out?
  5. Painting Urethane Air Dam and Flex Agent

    Thanks @motorman7, that gives me a lot more confidence. Glad I got Bulldog. Sounds like it is a must. I'm gonna give rattlecan paint a try first since it is cheap and simple. If it doesn't hold up, I'll likely always take the dam off and try again at Maaco
  6. Painting Urethane Air Dam and Flex Agent

    Cool. That is simple enough. How long you had it on there, and any cracking yet?
  7. Painting Urethane Air Dam and Flex Agent

    I've ordered exactly this so far. The question is, what did you put on top of it? Did you do a primer? Or did you just go straight some kind of "duplicolor" automotive paint?
  8. I am painting my Urethane air dam soon to color match my silver Z. I have everything I need except the actual paint itself. I know you want to use a flexible paint or add a flex agent to your paint so that when the urethane flexes, the paint doesn't crack. I don't really have access to compressed air or a sprayer. I was hoping to do everything from spray cans. If I do that though, I can't mix a flex agent beforehand. My questions: Anyone know of a automotive-quality silver spray paint that is flexible? (I couldn't find in my searches) Do I have to pre-mix color match paint and flex agent before spraying? Or can I do something like "spray flex agent first" and then "spray color match on top of it"? I was hoping to get away with using a simple paint like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B3UUJ7K/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IN3TLZYGFQ6T3&colid=1MCCHSQKI1JT9&psc=1 But I am worried it will crack during mounting/normal driving without a flex agent.
  9. Need Pics of Urethane Air Damn Brace

    Those pics help, thanks. Where are you guys sourcing your metal? Did you just go to the hardware store and buy big square pieces?
  10. Need Pics of Urethane Air Damn Brace

    I have seen that people put some kind of bracing behind their urethane air dams on their cars so that they don't flex at high speeds, often for pretty cheap. Anyone have any pics of what this looks like? I am not sure how to start or where to attach it to. I could figure it out from a pic of the setup.
  11. Front Suspension not settling

    I kinda like that look... haha. Make it 1 tire size bigger and take it off road.
  12. Pete Brock's Datzilla V8 510 for sale

    Only 205mm width tires... wow! I thought they would have gone bigger than that.
  13. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    Pls give me the model number and/or link. That is ideal. Not obvious from their website (do you have to order from Japan...?)
  14. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    Can a turbo benefit from having 2 pipes? Seems like you could get more exhaust flow that way (e.g. two 2" pipes instead of a single 3" pipe)>
  15. 280 Z 2+2 versus 280ZX

    Sounds like you need to start off with a lot more research. The "Z" cars used the first generation body style that many find to be more desirable. The ZX was made from 79-83 and uses a slightly updated version. The ZX in it's later years also had a turbo thrown into some of its engines. Lots of people like to swap this turbo into their earlier Z cars to kind of get the best of both worlds (looks of first generation + more powerful engine from second generation). ZX's had a bit more of a "touring" feel than the earlier Z's.