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  1. What do people usually use to coat it after cleaning it? I'm assuming some sort of rust prev coating from an aresol can.. If so, how do they coat it? thanks
  2. It's running great actually. I adjusted the floats (again) and it hasn't stalled out yet, I think the needles were closing to early. I'm going to keep toying with the carbs and see, in the mean time I'll drop the tank
  3. I'm going to revive this topic 3 years later lol.... So, thanks to some of the forum's heavy hitters, I was able to get my 240 awake and out of the garage. I'm now having the exact same problem. Only difference is, I'm running a 2 gallon gas can as my fuel source for the time being until I can get the tank dropped and cleaned. I've replace all of the rubber lines up front, adjusted the bowls, etc. I was thinking it could be due to a vacuum leak of some sort. Any ideas?
  4. Damn I Guess its next week, won't be able to get off of work that soon. Going to have to take the next year pass
  5. I wonder how some of the old timers tune dual carbs without using tools. Have a flow meter on the way but still, would like to build the skill to just see, taste, touch and smell my way to a perfect tune 😂
  6. Saw this and thought it might work for dual SUs, what do you guys think?
  7. So I finished the emissions delete tonight. I must say, it looks so much better without the chaos of vacuum lines. Just force threaded some flywheel bolts from an old ford 302 that I rebuilt awhile back. There is an exhaust line behind the breather tube that I decided not to mess with. I removed the anti-backfire valve and it sounded soooo nice but I saw some flames pop out and decided to quickly thread it back on. Going to find a a way to leave it off and use a vacuum hose to direct it away from the carbs to keep that sound.
  8. How did you get you intake manifold and fuel lines all polished like that?
  9. nice I'll have to look into a polished balance tube but for now some gold trimmed plugs will look quite nice. There is also two vacuum lines from the air cleaner down to the bottom of the block it seems? What are those for? Do you guys know?
  10. Nice! So you removed all of those vacuum lines and plugged them with brass plugs. Gonna look into it now
  11. Has anyone here ever removed the emissions mess above the intake manifold on their L24? There is no emissions required for cars older than 30 years in my state, and I love the look of my engine bay save the emissions vacuum line maze. What do you think?
  12. gonna head to the parts store and try this now actually, give me something to do on my only day off!
  13. Anything is possible I guess! He told me in was running when he bought it. Hell when I got the car the coil was wired backwards, firing order off, dizzycap on backwards, 5.5-9psi pump, and now the needles in backwards. I guess he didn't have access to classiczcars.com lmao!
  14. I see, that would make sense. I think the previous owner tried to adjust the floats and put the needles in backwards. Both needles were facing down (towards the float bowl) and it didn't seem right to me, so I flipped them the other way, facing what I think would be the seat (top side of the float lid). Phone is down right now or I would post pics. It just seemed to be the way it was engineered, the float rises from fuel and closes the needle valve right? By pushing the needle into the seat? As for the gaskets, they just disintegrated as soon as I removed the lids so I will just wait for them to come in from Zcardepot. Patience is key with my old lady, she's safe in the garage anyway.