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    i own a few cars that i have acquired over the years starting with my 72 240z, 73 914 2.0 porsche, 87 560sl, and a few other toys
  1. 1972 240z fuel tank

    i have one that needs to be cleaned, has a dent underneeth but still usable.
  2. Interior vinyl

    i have the tunnel piece, the rear pieces for the inner wheel wells, let me know if you would like me to pm you some pictures
  3. 1971 Datsun 240z series 1 BEWARE

    there is more than just roof damage.. floors, rockers, rear deck lid, and who knows what else is hiding
  4. 240Z steering wheel with horn button

    could you get me some pictures and a price please. thanks Daniel
  5. 1971 Datsun 240z series 1 BEWARE

    if you think this is clean i can imagine what you guys think of a driver quality Z, you guys would probably pay a fortune for one too.. lol.. this car is far from being road worthy or put back on the road.. unless you have about 10-15k to throw at it just for rust repairs.. assuming they are done rite. you can go the easy route and fiber glass the whole car but how long will that last
  6. 1971 Datsun 240z series 1 BEWARE

    by all means, please go and have a look.. im sure you will be quite disappointed as i was.
  7. 240Z steering wheel with horn button

    Im looking to purchase a good 240z steering wheel with horn button if anyone has a spare or one laying around i am located in CA 93030 thank you
  8. Interior vinyl

    i believe i have some good used Vinyl.. i will need to see where i put it. when i was taking it off my parts car it was in good shape and very flexible.
  9. 1971 Datsun 240z series 1 BEWARE

    After having looked at the car on 5/9/2017 the car is a rust bucket.. any serious buyer in the states or over seas please make sure you ask for tons of pictures.. the car has more rust than what you would expect or imagine, floors are gone, rockers are gone, roof is gone, rear deck lid is gone.. the car will need everything gone through.. what a waste of time https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/6124396890.html
  10. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    Not to long ago i had offered this same valve cover for 250 USD and not a single bite, I had a friend offer me 300 for it 2 days ago. in no rush to sell as i dont need the money and the valve cover was FREE :D. I would buy your 2400 valve cover for what mine is listed at if yours is for sale. the difference between myself and most other people is that im willing to step up and pay vs to be cheap about.. No risk no reward. regards 2fourtyzee
  11. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    Times have changed.. i find it funny that you guys are surprised. 4-5 years ago you could buy complete 240z for 2-6k now you dont find anything good in that price range. i have a lot of customers who are surprised when i give them a price on 113 and 111 parts for there classic cars.. supply and demand. you have to pay to play.
  12. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    Everyone is interested UNTIL they hear a price.. this is all too common. Everyone wants to buy cheap and sell high, you would do the same. Putting an item such as this at auction eliminates the cheap skates and attracts collectors, you have to pay to play specially when it comes to early Z cars/parts. There is a reserve, if it isnt met that is ok. There is someone out there who needs it.
  13. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    Just thought i would post this on here before i put it on ebay.