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  1. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    Ok. Might just have to do that. Might also take a look at that ford taurus afm boot. Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    Im not too concerned about looks or anything. Essentially what I want to do is get a new afm boot. Just getting a generic non-ported boot will obviously be easier and cheaper than finding a nissan one or modifying something myself. If I can make use of the non-ported boot, I have to figure out what to do with that hose that had originally been connected there. If i'm understanding correctly, that small port on the afm boot is supposed to go to the valve cover opening. Is that correct? If I disconnect and close the port off, that hose has to go somewhere.
  3. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    I guess my question is what exactly I need to do to be able to use that closed afm boot. I’m not understanding something. Haha. 😬
  4. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    I've seen people take the hose off the valve cover and replace with a small filter. Can I do that and be able to use a closed boot?
  5. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    I have a 78' btw
  6. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    Ok. If its not 100% necessary, I might just get rid of it. How would I re-route that hose?
  7. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    doesnt there need to be a small port for the other hose that connects to the middle of the boot?
  8. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    I might end up making use of a 3" to 2.75" exhaust coupler. We'll see.
  9. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    good call. I'll look into it!
  10. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    Interesting. Thanks for the link! Any idea for how i might make that spacer ring? Or do I need to find someone with a lathe?
  11. moozieman

    AFM Boot?

    I'm sure many of you Z owners are familiar with the dry-rotted rubber on the afm boot which can create a huge vacuum leak. I'd like to get a new boot, but some are over $100. Are there any alternatives out there? Maybe one from another vehicle that fits? Or do I just need to bite the bullet? Haha. Thanks!
  12. I believe that I have successfully grounded that wire. However when I go through your steps, I dont see all the wires that you are talking about. For whatever reason, I'm seeing what appears to be W11 on that relay connector. Is that correct?
  13. So how do I go about finding this disconnection?
  14. Had trouble prying those tabs open. Should i just use a screwdriver? I was concerned about all the old brittle plastic just crumpling.
  15. Okay I'll look into it again. I appreciate your help and your patience. What I had done was touched the red lead to the positive battery terminal and the black lead to W72 and read 0V.