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  1. Would that keep me from getting power to the pump? Cuz I’m only getting like .16 volts.
  2. Yeah I’ve got some work to do because it’s not cranking anymore either.
  3. Haha now I’m not even getting power to the pump. I’m getting less than a volt off the wires that go to the pump.
  4. The fuel pump makes no noise at all so I feel like it’s something electrical. I tried two different pumps. One of which I know works because I pulled it off another working 280. Any ideas?
  5. Can I use starter fluid to eliminate fuel as an issue? I heard that starter fluid was bad for fuel injection.
  6. Ummm okay... so after some rewireing and stuff I got the fuel pump working... maybe. Lol. I connected it straight to a battery and could hear it spin up. So I fed it some fuel and this happened... What does that sound like? I’ve heard it crank, but it’s never made that violent sound in the middle. Is it firing? D17AA4C6-08B9-41AA-8B8F-A6093D78E2E6.MOV
  7. Just to make sure I have this correct, this is fuel in?
  8. It’s possible that I just didn’t have solid connections. I just jerryrigged something together real quick. Nothing has a solid connection. I’ll re try.
  9. I did try connecting to the battery, but that was only with some spare speaker wire. I’ll try again with some lower gauge.
  10. Thanks for the help! I’ll look into it tonight and get back.
  11. I just bought this new pump and got it installed in my 1977 280z, but nothing seems to be happening. I don’t even hear it priming. Any suggestions? I even used the multimeter to make sure I was getting power, and I was I indeed. I don’t recall how much power I was getting, but it wasn’t a full 12v. Would that be an issue?
  12. Did you look at the link I sent? I wanna make sure those pumps will work with fuel injection.
  13. Ok. Thanks for the help! I think I might just get the cheapest I can find in hopes that they'll all be the same thing. And worst case scenario, it's only $30.
  14. Literally the same thing?
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