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  1. It is 100% the distributor. I have put my hand on it while running and can feel the shaking before it dies off. The grinding sound is quite obviously coming from the distributor. There is also visible grinding under the distributor cap in the above photos.
  2. It idles decently but then begins grinding during revs or when i try to put it in gear
  3. I was able to get the cap on securely, but I hadn't tried shaking it. i can try again though.
  4. I know... I appreciate your help. I'm gonna try to do it tonight. I live and work 20 mins away from my garage.
  5. I just did some research and the zx distributor appears to have an ignition control module (the little box thingy) on the side of it. Mine doesnt have that.
  6. When Ive heard it grind in the past, I can typically reach the distributor and apply a bit of force on top of the cap to stop the sound before it stalls the engine. Simply pressing down on it keeps it from shaking and grinding. Could that really be the issue? I suppose that would be the best case scenerio!
  7. What is the significance of the vacuum lines leading up to the distributor? Could that pose any issues?
  8. I found that there is a certain tolerance between the rotor and each contact. I'd be surprised if it was that simple, but ill check that as well.
  9. Well for me, it's just important for it to at least run right now. And that interference is causing the engine to stall I think.
  10. Mine is similar. Is that bad?
  11. I'd be surprised if that was the case. How might I tell?
  12. just started a new thread with the exact issue and photos.