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    Mostly stock 1976 280z. 240z front and rear bumpers. Front spoiler. Turn signal lights relocated to the brake duct holes in the air dam. 240z grille with extra inserts. White face gauges. Transplant engine from 79 280zx (stock intake used). Boiled and cleaned gas tank. NEW: fuel pump, starter, radiator, water pump, wheel cylinders, brake booster, master cylinder, Grant wood wheel, CD player, Speakers in stock location, NOS energy drink bottle, wheels that I've never seen on a Z, dash cover, stock AC (not working), stock automatic Jatco trans, outer tie rods, H4 headlights with relays
  1. Tail Gaters...

    Some lady brake checked me the other day. She was going way under the limit in the left lane, which made people subsequently tail gate me (in my DD Tahoe). And I wasn't even really that close to her. It infuriated me to the point where I started screaming. I was about to flip her off, but I saw she must have been 80 years old. Most of the time a brake check will just make the other driver(s) mad, they usually know if they're following too close. Or they just shouldn't have a license, you're supposed to use the 3 second rule. It's amazing how many people drive like idiots: Speeding, swerving, almost rear ending you when you're turning right. If I am going to speed, I make sure I have room all around me. I also try to "avoid the pack" if at all possible. I also really hate it when someone pulls up right alongside you and then stays there, or stays in your blind spot. I like to have room to "escape" if need be. I swear I avoid accidents every day by driving defensively. And if I get a call or text, I pull over ASAP, because you can't really focus on both. You also never know who is having a really bad day, week, year, or life. Just yesterday there was a road rage incident on the news, where a semi driver got out of his truck, pounded on the window of a car, and was then shot in the back 3 times by that car. He died. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't carry a gun because I know that when I get to that level of rage or anger, you do things you normally would not. Maybe I'll try the "skunk" method again, at least it will calm me down. But then I'll have Cheetos debris all over my fingers, which might hinder my grip on the wood wheel.
  2. Tail Gaters...

    From what I've read, the third brake light came about in 1986: History The third brake light law went into effect in 1986 for passenger cars, and light trucks in 1994. The decision was based on effective tests done with taxi cabs and company fleet vehicles, illustrating a reduction in rear end crashes with the use of the extra light. So technically (and legally), all cars from 1986 (and trucks 1994) should have them. I do think they help, since they are not a dual function light (like tail lights) and they're right in the driver's line of sight. But, if the other driver is texting etc... nothing will help. I was T-boned a few years back when a texting driver blew right through a red light. Luckily I saw them out of the corner of my eye and swerved, so if was not a direct T-bone. Several other cars.
  3. Installing Headlight Relay Harness

    FYI the autopal's have a small gap between the retaining rings. Ace Hardware (and possibly others) have 7" O.D. (6 3/4" I.D.) 1/8" thickness O rings that fit as perfectly as you're going to find to fix this issue. I also plan to use my dremel metal cutter to cut a larger hole in the stock housings. I'd like to be able to change the bulbs without removing the whole assembly. After looking further, I'm not sure if the 280zx housings would bolt up on a first gen Z. I don't like the idea of permanently modifying them, but I look at this as an upgrade. The stock 240z/260z/280z headlights are a real pain to change, especially when I've upgraded to H4 and want to try different bulbs.
  4. Tail Gaters...

    I do the same, I don't care if they want to speed. I floor it myself and speed every so often. Sometimes you don't have anywhere to go though. It's really that the 240z (or any Z with 240 bumpers) would be totaled if rear ended. I'm always in the right lane, always signaling well ahead, always braking safely. I guess it's a compromise: either risk it, or never drive it. Now that Halloween season is approaching, my passenger is a life size skeleton (I am a Halloween fanatic). Let's hope that gives them an indication of my level of sanity. The third brake light should help, at least for visibility. I ordered one of the 11" LED ones that stick to the rear glass. I took it out today, beautiful day here in NE, first real "Fall" weather day. Several people stopped way back. Not one tailgater today, first time in a while. I do think the vanity plates help a little bit, as well as having my light on all the time. I didn't know that the 3rd brake light became a requirement in 1986 or so, maybe people are so used to it that without it, they don't notice as well.
  5. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    I love watching those shows (or I did when I had cable) also Engineering Marvels is a good one. If I were to really go all out on this, would it be possible to earn a living reproducing Z parts? And is it legal? Or do I need permission from Nissan to do so?
  6. Tail Gaters...

    Haha back in the day (high school) my cars would emit that smell constantly, and not to aggravate other drivers... Skunks smell like a certain plant that I used partake in the smoking of... if you know what I mean. Whenever I'm driving with someone and we smell a skunk, they're always like "Eeew", while I'm thinking, that smells like some very good marijuana. Haha It's true
  7. How to shoot flame from tailpipe

    I love it. I want to shoot flames on my "last ride". Which, actually, could be any day. Awesome flames>>>>some dude rear ending me. I'm probably pushing the limits here (Sorry Mike), but I'd much rather go out in flames than fade awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  8. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    I'm not sure what I can make with the given machinery. But I would be willing to guess that we can make anything
  9. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Cool, thanks for the suggestion. Where exactly is it located? The 4 pin round one? with one empty?
  10. Relay Mounting Locations - Firewall? under dashboard

    I just tucked mine under the existing relay cover (passenger side, by fusible links) I don't drive in anything but clear conditions.
  11. How to shoot flame from tailpipe

    Nice, them kind of ticket are of no concern to me. I'm (nearly) a felon (non -violent). So as long as I'm not going to prison, it's all good. Plus I got that "Get out of jail free" card. For a little bit at least (Omaha is corrupt as *EYR*#RY). I just want to melt the tailgaters bumper.... sorry, my car is old. File a claim. I just think that would be badass in a Z. As long as it doesn't go back to the engine and kill me. But hey, we all gotta go sometime eh? Better to burn out then fade away! Has anyone ever done this in a Z? Pics? Thanks!
  12. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Good point. I guess I'm still determining what the best method is. I'm sure the college wouldn't allow me to use the equipment for commercial use. I'm not really thinking of this as a profit maker for me. I suppose they would become files that we could use on our own. At the same time, I wouldn't want to put in a lot of work, only to have someone (or some other company) take advantage. I have good intentions, still in the "idea" phase. Thanks
  13. How to shoot flame from tailpipe

    Hmm yes safety is obviously paramount. Is it possible with Fuel injection?
  14. L series engine oil dipsticks

    That made me laugh out loud, thanks! Bwahahaha! Perhaps we could utilize them for other purposes? Like spreading butter on pancakes. Or checking the temperature of steak on the grill (hmm... looks like it needs about half a quart of 325 degrees) Or perhaps a weapon of some sort? Dude was tailgating me, so I launched an oil dipstick at them. They'll never forget to check their oil again... since it's embedded in their skull".
  15. How to shoot flame from tailpipe

    My uncle (who worked for the gas company for 20 years, then started his own fire pit company) used to have a classic ambulance that he was able to shoot flames from the tailpipe on command, I think with a spark plug. Is there any "safe" way to do this in a non-catalyst Z? I have no cat (Fed 76 Z). Not only does it look amazing, but for the tailgaters, I got something for ya... to melt your bumper... oops, sorry! I think it involves installing a spark plug and switch to battery in the tailpipe, but is there some kind of valve/flap.cutoff to prevent the hellfire from going back up to the engine?