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  1. I talked to that car owner at that race!!! He was from Edmonton iirc.
  2. 2 of us will be coming out from winnipeg. We'll follow lead or drag you out there. fun fun
  3. Looks like I'll be going to Ontario sometime in 2016. It's only 1900km's for me.
  4. The new switch seems to be faulty. A buddy gave me switch from another datsun (620 or something like that). It does not have the issue that the new switch and the old stock switch have which is a small contact point where the start switch gets powered just before the full lock position. Still not sure on this..............
  5. Just the back part.
  6. Gentlemen; when I turn my key to the lock position my starter engages. I've replaced the switch with a used unit and a new unit with no change. Other than that little issue the wiring seems to be fine. Has this happened to anyone before? I'm going to dig into the wiring next week, but I can't see how the ignition switch can't be the culprit.
  7. What I've got is a 240z with an L28ET swap that I'm re-doing. The previous owner didn't use the stock guages so that part of the wiring is gone. I've got everything hooked up except for the water temp sensor. I know where the temp sensor runs to in the turbo harness. What I'm after is where the stock guage wiring runs through firewall into the engine bay.
  8. Can someone tell me where the sensor wire goes through the firewall and then on to the water temp sensor? I've done an L28ET swap on a 72 and have the wiring done except for this damn water temp sensor. Some of the factory harness was there but no temp sensor wiring.