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  1. Thanks for the 3M vote, Charlie.
  2. I'm simply trying to re-attach about 10" of the bottom edge of my cover which has come loose from the back and hangs down. I haven't found a consensus on the best adhesive to use on the vinyl panel cover. The current discussion on headliner adhesive is interesting and it seems like the 3M stuff would work. I've tried a generic contact cement which didn't work and a general glue that my wife uses for crafty type things. I'm trying to be careful because I don't want something too powerful where removal would destroy the hardboard on some future day when the cover needs replaced. It'd also be nice to not need to buy a tub of the stuff when I'm only dealing with a small section. Thanks for your input.
  3. Here's what the 280 has: Thanks for pointing me to the ebay source. I'll have to get in the habit of checking there. $25 for one nut is a tough pill to swallow. Oh well, clumsy, stupid people that lose important parts deserve what they get I suppose.
  4. Thanks for the replies, men. This one isn't a castle nut, but a standard nut which is thinner than usual. Then a cap fits over the top of it and the cotter pin engages the cap. Apparently this was only on the 280. Although you do have me wondering why the 240 castle nut wouldn't work in it's place.
  5. I don't know what to call it. You know, the one that threads onto the spindle after the outer bearing and the washer, and before the retaining cap and cotter pin. I'm mystified how I lost it and have never looked for a thing more thoroughly in my life. I've now thrown in the towel and find that this happens to be an item that can't be found anywhere. So I'm now to the point of asking the Z community if anyone has one or knows where to get one. Please PM me if you have one available. I will be eternally grateful. Thanks,
  6. That's why this somewhat puzzles me, Chuck. Reversing the threading counter to the spin as in the left side pedal spindle makes sense. I see no reason for it here.
  7. A quality Far Side reference is always welcomed.
  8. Sorry, guys. The search didn't work but a simple scroll down the page did. I see that it is reverse threaded.
  9. How does a search for "tie rod" in the suspension and steering section turn up 0 hits? The server may be having a bad day. My tie rods and other components need replacing but I can NOT back off the locking nut of the outer tie rod end on the driver side. I snapped a wrench on this thing and this after hours of soaking with liquid wrench. Is it possible that the driver side is reverse threaded? Thanks, guys.
  10. The new one closes all the way, the old one didn't. The car idles and runs good after it warms up.
  11. I'm with you, Captain. Unfortunately your theory turns what I thought to be a fairly simple problem into a complex one.
  12. Thanks, CO. must require more openness than my photo shows. Installing with it open to the degree shown doesn't provide the additional RPM for a cold start. In fact, no additional RPM than I can detect. It'll choke and sputter at around 400. If I loosen the hose clamp and manually introduce additional air by pulling the hose off the AAR a little, then the RPM rise allowing a cold idle. I pulled all the hoses and the T to check for obstructions and everything is clear. I'm back to believing that the door isn't opening far enough.
  13. I was sure that I had it nailed down that my Aux Air Regulator was bad. I bought another one which exhibits the same characteristics as the original so I thought I'd better check with you guys to make sure my diagnosis is correct. My understanding is that in cold conditions the AAR should be in the open position to allow additional air into the throttle body. As it warms the valve closes, stopping the additional air flow. My test for these has been to put them into the refrigerator and then the freezer to see if the valve is in the open position. In both cases the valve only opens slightly. Less than 0 degrees F in the freezer: And this is the extent of the opening: I'm expecting this to be fully open at this temperature. Is my expectation valid?
  14. Like you, I have been fiddling in that area and wasn't able to find it in the manual. My guess is that it circulates coolant under the AAR to assist in closing it as the engine warms.
  15. I think that there was likely funny business, Captain. Then again, the manual states that there is supposed to be a retaining spring of some sort on the bolt which is missing. Maybe engine vibration slowly backed out the nut (correct adjustment was tightening the nut)? If it goes back out of adjustment I guess I'll know that's the case.