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  1. Marchal 652 Driving Lamps

    They sound like the right thing for my needs; fog lamps don't illuminate things in the distance. I will see if there is a compatible Hella lamp with a bit less intensity or a bit more dispersion. But I already have a relay and appropriate wiring installed for the fog lamps. Mine are actuated by the de FOG switch.
  2. Marchal 652 Driving Lamps

    Thanks anyway. eBay auctions don't show you photos of the innards, unless you get very lucky. Obviously the sellers just want the do the least work to sell the thing. They usually just have a bunch of photos of the outside. Asian sellers are worse: they have 6 photos of the front, and six of the back.
  3. Marchal 652 Driving Lamps

    I"M not interested in finding auctions on eBay. I would like to hear from people who have experience with how well they work, and what kind of bulb is employed.
  4. Has anyone seen or experienced the Marchal 652 Driving Lamps? I know they were used on sportscars, "sporty cars," and Mustangs, etc. in the 1960s, and are now a bit pricey, but I have a chance to buy a pair. But before I spend money on what I may not be able to repair or replace (I don't even know what bulb they use) I'd like to get some informative opinions from people that I can trust. ThxZ.
  5. LED bulbs for Fog Lamps

    It seems that the higher wattage bulbs also use a higher voltage. That is, the 70W bulb is 24Volts. So a bulb swap isn't that "simple." In general, I'd say that you could probably put a 70W bulb into a lamp that was designed for a 55W bulb, with a small amount of additional current draw and heat. For such a lamp, is a 100W bulb too much? For a spot lamp, you'd want a LOT of light going down the road, as long as you aim it properly, and don't melt the wires or the lamp.
  6. 3rd brake light options?

    Yes, those modules are made to work with the extra brake lamp as well as the one motorcycle brake lamp. There are many kinds with different features other than the simple one in the posted link.
  7. LED bulbs for Fog Lamps

    I prefer the 3200K light, not the over-bright white light, so when I see the word 'performance' associated with bulbs, it tells my they make white lights, but I will look into them anyway.
  8. Restoring a Scissor Jack

    What I did was to scrub it with wire wool and brake cleaner, the paint it with a shiny aluminum paint. It looks much nicer now.
  9. 3rd brake light options?

    That's good, but you still have to get people to pay attention and stop tailgating, so they will have time to notice the improved lighting. Have you considered using one of those strobing/flasher devices, like some motorcycles have?
  10. Modern Car Stereo Receivers

    AFAIK, the Zed has TWO speakers in the rear, the 240Z has them far back by the tail lamps, and the later cars had the under the window behind the seats. I replaced my 4-inch stock speakers with better ones, to handle the 40W stereo, and I have no problem hearing the music. You can also add the aftermarket speaker panel (with 6x9 speakers) that replaces the taillamp cover and rewire the stereo for much louder sound.
  11. LED bulbs for Fog Lamps

    I was searching for some brighter 70W H1 bulbs for the auxiliary lamps, and it seems that all you can get is LEDs. Then I viewed a few Youtube videos that pointed out the brighter LED bulbs were bigger and wouldn't fit. Is it worth pursuing an LED bulb to replace the standard halogen, even for the 55W bulb? Where would you be able to get higher-wattage halogen bulb(70W or 80W or more) in a nice 3200K color ? It seems you'll need to order from an overseas supplier, such as Germany or China.
  12. Restoring a Scissor Jack

    It wiyld probably be easier to scrub it and paint the thing, but it has pins and joints with overlapped parts, so it would probably not be completely painted, unless you cut the pins, which I am not comfortable with, considering it needs to be very strong to lift the car.
  13. Pantograph Jack

    I was searching for a new jack to replace the old rusty one, and I eventually came across a slick jack that you get with your Mercedes, Chrysler, Honda, Volve, et al. It is a pantograph design is much lighter (about half) than the heavy scissor jack, and lifts the car in a similar way to the scissor jack. What I didn't like about it, is that it only contacts the car on one side of the rocker seam, so it looks like it might slip off. The cars designed to use the jack have a dent or pocket to hold the lifting pad.
  14. 3rd brake light options?

    I am unsure about those red LEDs regarding the brightness. Ordinary red LEDs aren't bright at all. Super-bright LEDs should be used instead. Are you willing to put your classic car at stake to save a few dollars on a cheap lamp that can barely be seen in daylight or not much brighter at night, when people are driving with tired eyes and not paying much attention anyway?
  15. 3rd brake light options?

    I finished my light recently. It's a cheap eBay unit with LEDs and an aerodynamic design that mounts on the bootlid or hatch. I also got a neat little electronic thing with some electronics and a 3-D accelerometer in it, that has a programmable flash pattern, and reacts to different braking. If you brake lightly, the light will come on in the usual way, but if you brake hard, the accelerometer will sense that and the LED flashing pattern kicks in. I mounted it on the glass with a long wire, using some rare-earth magnets, and is detachable for shows.