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  1. JNC Happy Thanksgiving from JNC

    And don't forget to set your scale back 5 pounds. Happy Thanksgiving !!!
  2. A Friends new ride!

    I bet there'd be a lot of us interested in the cars and tanks he has. Maybe he'd let you take some pics and post them for us to drool over. That's my all time favorite dream car, Gulf Ford GT40, that I can't afford. I'll have to settle for my Z and Fairlady.
  3. Glad you got on this Website Jeff, these guys are great, they can help & give you the best info on any problem you have.
  4. Rust free front fenders

    Price I paid back in late 1999, early 2000, from my local dealer.
  5. Did you replace all your rubber fuel line hoses?
  6. Do resellers accept Zed body Panels?

    Let's see ..... I'm in the area, there's others in the Cleveland Z Club with classic Z's. I believe Chris Karl is restoring a 280Z. Exactly what parts do you have? Take pics and post them, don't scrap them.
  7. Looking for front fenders

    dutchzcarguy, I've heard from guys that parts were NLA on West Coast, my dealer got them from somewhere East Coast. Sometimes parts turn up available in Canada too, never hurts to dig in and search.
  8. The First Z...and Last...

    Great story, i remember those days of the dealerships wanting $1000 down and a waiting list due to one Z for every 29 cars sold. After being discharged in early 72 and given the run around by 3 local dealerships, I went to Stang Motors, Elyria, Ohio, Mr. Terry Tracey took $100 down payment, said '' I'll see what I can do''. A week later he calls and says, " I've got 3 take your pick". I chose white 4sp w/burgundy interior. I asked, "How'd you get 3". Stang Motors sold Datsuns, MGs, Triumphs and AMC, so they sold more cars.
  9. Looking for front fenders

    Years ago I was restoring my 72 Z, got quotes of $275 to $375 each for fenders. I called my local Nissan Dealership, he checked, quoted me a price of $175 each. They were ordered and came in 3 days, wrapped and in Nissan boxes. Contact Courtesy Nissan that would be a good choice for new or reproduction fenders. Someone on this site that lives in the states might be able to help you. Goggle Datsun 240 260 280Z front fenders.
  10. scarab

    Our job Superintendent, when I worked for Dayton Showcase had a 72 Z with a Ford hipro 289. He lived in Columbus, Oh. although that was 20+ yrs ago
  11. When and Where did You get yours?

    I was discharged from the Air Force in Feb. 72. I tried 3 dealership in the Cleveland area. Breyley, N. and if it wasn' Royalton. Bedford Datsun, & Mentor Datsun. Each dealership wanted $1000 down & 6 - 9 months wait and if it wasn't what you wanted, (stick, auto, color or air) you'd have to wait for the next one, In June, borrowed a car and went to a dealership in Elyria, Oh. Stang Motors and spoke with Terry Tracey. Showed him pics of the Fairlady ZG I took while on leave in Japan, late 71, plus all the literature. He took a $100 down payment and said, " I'll see what i can do." One week later hecalled and said, "got 3 in, take your pic." I chose a white stick, other two were brown, red, auto and air. When i asked "how did you get three when each dealership was allowed one Z for 29 cars sold. He said, "we sell Datsun, Triumph, MG, and AMC, we sell more cars. 2nd Z another 72 was bought in 87, original paint, stick, with air. was stripped & repainted in late 99, finished in 2000. Found the 10/69 Fairlady Z-L early 2000, soon to be repainted.
  12. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    You know Kats, you always have such interesting posts & pictures. thanks
  13. [SOLD] 70-71 Inner Shift Boot $20 New

    Probably should have PM'd you 23 hrs ago, instead of posting.
  14. [SOLD] 70-71 Inner Shift Boot $20 New

    I need one for my Fairlady, I'm in Cleveland,Oh. What's the total?
  15. WTB: 15" wheels

    I have 15x7 on my 10/69 Fairlady Z-L, They're an old mesh type rim, with 205/60 tires, I'm around 4 hrs. away, south of Cleveland,