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  2. new 1972 240z

    Cool much like respect has to be earned.
  3. Steering Rack Disassembly and Refurb

    We talked a little bit about those white plastic nubbins a little bit early on in this thread. My theory is that they have something to do with the fitting and alignment of the two major components of the rack tube. The rack housing body is made up of two parts... 1) A cast iron piece that houses the pinion gear and one end bushing, and 2) a steel tube that reaches over to the other end of the housing. I believe those white plastic nubs are some sort of epoxy used to align and lock the two pieces of the assy together. I'm thinking that since the alignment of the long steel tube into the cast portion that houses the pinion gear is important, maybe they loosely fit the two parts together, locked them in an alignment jig, and then used a hard setting thermoplastic to lock the two together. Inject it into the hole until it comes out the other side, and then let it cure in place locking the two parts in alignment. They did similar practice on the 72-on suction piston housings on the carbs, and they also employed that technique on the EFI throttle linkages. They aren't grease fitting holes. Not only are they too small, but if you look inside the rack tube, there are no holes through. No way for grease to get inside the housing to do anything.
  4. headlight washer pump 280zx

    Thanks guys for the referral.
  5. Today
  6. Hesitation during acceleration

    I don't think the vacuum advance is the reason for my issue, but a bad ignition module. When I first got the car back on the road, it ran strong for the next few drives. Then this hesitation set in. It's so stark, it really seems it's dropping cylinder. But the kicker is, finding that sweet spot where it accelerates nicely. Intriguing, yes, to me anyway.
  7. I hate Chinese "Metal"

    Hah, I remember those days, Made Japan was a not good. I know China can make good quality when given a proper price point, I own a set of micrometers and a .000ths" dial gauge that are Chinese made and they are the finest measuring tools I own, beautiful quality, bought them about 25 yrs ago now. China's poor quality is the symptom, the problem is the West's insaitable hunger for more and more consumable stuff.
  8. how hard were they to install?
  9. Meteor over Michigan

  10. Auto Body Dolly

    I dropped my 240z body shell off for media blasting last Friday, at the time it was a rolling shell. Now it is just a shell on a rotisserie for complete blasting. To bring it home I was thinking of building a simple auto body cart using a pallet and 2x6 under it that the wheels will be attached to. The pallet I have is not wide enough to mount wheels to and then roll up the tire rails of my trailer. The pallet is 42"x42"x5.5". I think this will work, any thoughts? Thank you.
  11. Potentiometer

    He's started an ALADOG program around here. I got a smaller bottle, my Mom always said I was "half drunk". Can't let her down now.
  12. L28 280Z Car engine problems!!!

    Also did you set the valve lash cold? Early on in my life I had an L24 I rebuilt that wouldn't start. Took it to our mechanic. The valves were too tight, no compression or intake vacuum
  13. 1973 z for sale in Greece

    Ad is almost a year old. I suspect it is long gone. You might pm the original poster
  14. Carpet Fix

    There are 2 main approaches to the carpet. One is the factory pattern carpets.The other is more of a custom setup that usually covers the transmission tunnel and sometimes the rear strut towers. I am of course assuming "restore"means replacing. If not you could redye the carpet you have and respray vinyl to get good color. There was an older thread on the original supplier of the carpet kits @Zup If you do a custom kit they sometimes need massaging with heat to get them to fit properly
  15. Yesterday
  16. hello all new here have been having problems ever sense i got the car my first problem was the distributor problems so i swapped that out for a 79 280zx one then swapped out the coil then the car ran more better the problem was that when it got up to temp it will go to a like limp mode it still did that after the new parts so after that i had an idea it was my transistor so i swapped that out for a gm control module then after that it only runs for a few seconds then shuts off and when i get it to run if i touch the gas it shuts off right away my car is a 1975 280z federal i get spark and fuel i dont know what it can be thanks for the help in advanced
  17. Red light is brake warning light. Brake is not done yet... I used regular SPAL power window kit. The lock to roll up feature is from Viper alarm with Window module 529T. https://www.amazon.com/Install-Essentials-529T-Window-Module/dp/B0009SWLEQ
  18. Found a 240z in junkyard, what to grab off?

    If you're thinking of doing some refurb and sale work, there's little on a 240Z that that won't have interest - in other words take everything you can lay your hands on. Work the car very hard! Here's a few examples of small stuff (be sure and get ALL the fasteners). Note - the rubber steering coupler is NLA, an uncracked one has re-sale value. Keep everything carefully zip bagged and tagged separately, don't throw it into a box and expect to remember what goes with what.
  19. Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    those screws on the injectors work well with a hand held impact driver. need a good fitting bit, and a sharp whack with a hammer.
  20. The video we’re featuring today is of a Nostalgic Race Day at Autopolis, an international racing circuit in Oita Prefecture. Autopolis, currently owned by Kawasaki, hosts a number of races for Super GT, Super Formula, Super Taikyu and MFJ Superbike, but here … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  21. Wheels. TOPY 1-71. 14"

    Wheels are sold
  22. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks! Iv talked to Kats about it. I have looked along time for those 432 rev counters but when I finally track one down their not for sale. I would be able to reproduce them in plastic like the speedo plates (they are easier to make then the speedo plates) just by getting a very high resolution pic of the plate itself.
  23. The Mitsubishi Starion is an icon of the 1980s, and one of the great Japanese sport coupes of the pop-up headlight era. That’s why it’s odd that there have been surprisingly few models of it in any scale. Here are the … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  24. 1978 Datsun 280z For Sale (San Francisco, CA)

    It does not have a catalytic converter.
  25. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Surprisingly, the lower pinion bearing came out without a fight. It was not pressed completely to the bottom so I was able to lift it out with a bolt head!
  26. Brake booster fitting on cannon intake

    it is American thread, not metric. I think it is 3/8" npt
  27. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    a vin number can help nail down the year
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