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  2. Thank you. I have a lot of gaps in carburetor knowledge. I was impressed with the amount of information on needles on that page, though.
  3. How many Corinthians does it take to do a Z upholstery job anyway?
  4. Seriously... You can say that with a straight face? If I told my wife I'm headed out to the garage to wax my drive shaft, I'm not sure she'd be home when I came back in.
  5. Agreed! I think it looks great and I wish mine was that original. My PO applied paint is just one of a multitude of things that have been messed with on mine! If I were closer, I'd be happy to come over and swap interiors with you. I've got the black and have been digging the white for quite some time.
  6. Also check out Ontario Z Car Great group local to you Swap meet next Saturday
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  8. Great looking engine bay! You did a fine job with that. Those 2.5 exhaust can be a pain, taking it to a shop isn't too expensive. I paid $50 to have mine tucked up better. There's that cut out on the driver's side of the differential that it fits in but that wasn't made for such a larger pipe. I fought with mine then threw in the towel and the $50. Good investment for me. Good way to spend $50, I mean. That's just a couple of days of beer.
  9. I'm wondering if he may have inadvertently brought a stronger spark into the mix? A ZX distributor with a Z cap and button, they'd be closer??? so stronger spark. I could try it, I have the parts able to easily switch over. Maybe I'll try tomorrow? Maybe not, just stay in bed.
  10. There was plenty of door-to-door racing, too.
  11. I think your first customer is in Panama.
  12. Well it finally got warm enough today to go back and finish the front springs. These are actually softer than what was on the car. I think I will like these much better. No more loose fillings in my teeth.
  13. Where's my sunglasses??? Found 'em. Ahhh. That's better.
  14. Got my car running!A LOT of problems though. Here's what I need to address: 1. The MSD ignition box fried itself. Now only the megnetic and hall effect input works... Do not buy old msd from Ebay... 2. Slight water leak from water pump; 3. Oil is slipping through the gap where the front cover and cylinder head meet, on the passenger side; 4. Need to route a battery power to rear of the car in order to get the antanna working, this can be delayed but it's easier to do with the breather tank off; 5. The 17mm breather hose kept kinking, need a coil inside to support it; 6. fuel tank need to go in, flush the fuel lines, wire the pump and float.
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  16. What diameter are those pipes? 2.25 or 2.5? nice rumble!! Do you also have heat soak problems?
  17. I just put them on my '71 and I am very happy with them. They feel factory to me.
  18. The Nissan Leaf might be the best-selling electric car in the world, but Nissan has been experimenting with EVs since at least 1947. At the 1985 Tokyo Motor Show, they unveiled this Total Recall Johnny Cab-like contraption, called the EV Guide Type … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  19. Yes, im using it. What would you like to know?
  20. I looked up the Roadster wheel and see the tabs you spoke of, I don't think it is one of those. The only other Datsun I have had was a 510, those had 13" Thanks for the info and luck.
  21. Thanks, Zup, will reach out to S30Driver and see what he did to resolve this issue!
  22. I sent you a msg, tks Mike
  23. its funny that i dont have to get any testing down here. just pay my $86 and show proof of insurance
  24. a local shop called industrial finish
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