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  2. Well you know I have a bad habit of putting For Sale signs on projects once they are finished because after all, they are done, nothing else to fiddle with. I'm not done with it yet but I know sooner or later some other project will grab my eye. Actually there is a young guy in the next town over who has started restoration on a 72 240z, so far I go over every Sunday and give him a hand with the fun stuff and he spends the next week dismantling and scraping and getting dirty, it's working out very well, kinda like being a Grandparent. Zfest was down on attendance today as rain was forecast but there was a total of 112 Z cars and about 22-24 of those were S30's
  3. Google search works well. Type "" before the search terms. Could also be that you're not choosing "All content" from the drop-down box.
  4. Does anybody know where to get a new gas cap gasket. Mine doesn't seal very well and I can't see spending $80+ for a new gas cap!
  5. That is aftermarket. It is a solid one.
  6. I see your problem. I just uploaded some 1971 FSM supplements that have wiring diagrams on page 34. Not sure if it will help though.if wires have been cut. It does show another circuit if the car is an automatic, to the inhibitor switch.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Don't know exactly where I found them. They don't seem to be on nicoclub or xenon or atlanticz. Has some good stuff. 2 supplements. Wiring diagram at the end of each.


  8. Yes I am Cliff....and as soon as I have 500 miles on her, she's gonna have some SK sidedrafts!
  9. So you have no 9/16 filter? Man I'm all confused.
  10. Today
  11. Well would swap this day with the datsun for a day with the kubota instead. Wire inferno : (
  12. Yes! I bought a 240 that had 3/16" from the float bowls to the nozzles where the molded fuel hose should be. He had a zip tie to make the bend but was actually binding up the nozzles dropping action. Big mess! I haven't read the entire thread but are your valves in spec? If they get way off weird things happen that you chase to end up being the valve adjustment.
  13. Still searching
  14. Did you get a new pressure plate? You might verify that the throwout bearing collar is the correct height. There are a variety of different pressure plates out there, and bearing collars to match. 92 mm from the surface the fork rides on to the surface of the flywheel seems to be the correct number, +/- a couple of mm. If you're using the old plate and collar then no issue. Another confirmation of 92 mm would be worthwhile though.
  15. Hi I sent you a Message Thanks!
  16. And, finally, to REALLY complete it, here is a 10-year thread with a full discussion of the jute, and, on page 5, a PDF you can download with a 1970-71 Jute pattern.
  17. Thanks Jim
  18. Drove it yesterday. It is much better, but the tires were low on air. So it was still a little splashy but a big improvement! Now on to brakes and improved carburation
  19. 270$ for 100$ worth of nuts and bolts? There's no flange headed bolts, they're all stainless(which doesn't appeal). I think we can put together a better resource with the correct nuts+bolts.
  20. Thanks Kats. I don't think I'm qualified to make real ones though. Material selection (for real), heat treating, plating... Those are the difficult parts for me. If I get a few more moments, I'll test the other (less likely) retention theories I mentioned before. I'm sure I can come up with an internal hidden retention pin, but the one I'm really curious about is the differential temperature assembly. That would be really neat if I could get that to work!
  21. And that sticker will be on the passenger's side of the radiator support. Here's the color codes,
  22. I have the original service manual somewhere so I should be able to use that for reference. I will start plugging away at the list and let you all know how I make out. Again thank you everyone for your input!
  23. Looks amazing and sounds like all major hurdles have been cleared. Beautiful work. Enjoy!!!
  24. thank you. i had no idea it was there. but i see it now.
  25. Yesterday
  26. NOTE he said "ultra fine glass bead" . I tried normal glass beads and stopped quickly as it was pitting the plastic. I was using about 110 # of air pressure also. I wound up sanding by hand carefully .... takes a while . Repaired the pitted area with filler. Herb
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