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  2. HLS30-07848

    Here are some pictures of the "Rusty Pig". This car came out of Miami and has a salvage title. I was a flood vehicle so I assume it was in the process of being painted then they had a flood. I was hoping they wouldn't spend the time and paint to paint a "Rusty Pig" but I was mistaken I believe it's been lowered. Haven't looked to see how they did it yet.. Rockers look bad and would really need some work This is the part I hate most, the cowl area needs work... Early air cleaner I believe. I believe the engine has been replaced. Also shouldn't it have the early valve cover... Some new door seals in the box... Rear pan is wrong. The replacement from Zedd Findings is inside the car
  3. Air Cleaner modification

    You are correct! The ITS racers are very creative with modifications to gain performance. I have what is left of one in my shed that only left enough metal to cover the air filter and hold the filter. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. 72 OMS Pace Car F/S in NY

    I would argue that even if they could prove it, it's STILL just a 72 with a history of crappy paint jobs. So it paced a few races, well that's an interesting tidbit of it's past life but I wouldn't give them an extra dollar for that. I would however give them an extra dollar if they took a rag with some thinners on it and wiped off the burgundy over spray.
  5. Balance Question

    No- lightened a 240mm flywheel to 16 pounds . Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. Yesterday
  7. Added to my Garage this weekend!

    All go input on safety gear for sure!!! One other tip while riding.....always be aware that you may be invisible to people in cars. If motorcycles are not part of their lives they may subconsciously see you but really don't. I've been riding sport bikes for over 30 years and am still hear to talk about it. I just turned 66 years young and currently ride a highly modified 2009 Yamaha R1. As is said many time before....."If you ride on two wheels, its not a question if you will fall down, its just a matter of time." Most of all........just have fun. "Just one mans opinion" Tom
  8. I'm missing a 10mm open/boxed end wrench. I'll check under the cap tomorrow.
  9. Caswell Plating

    Ok, I took another shot at the strut caps. I took pictures of the previous results. The first cap had some dull plate on it. So I added a 1/2 TBspn of brightener to the tank (3 1/2 gallons) . Then continued plating. It was sort of an experiment to see if I could brighten the plate part way through the process. The answer is ...no. The one on the right side of my hand is the second cap I plated. It was much brighter and plated out pretty good. There were a few sections that I would have liked to be shinier and that may be from the leaving them in the pickle too long. I may try skipping the pickle and see what kind of results I can get. It was interesting that the backside of both of them plated pretty good. I wonder if this has something to do with the shadowing effect making the plating finer I also experimented with the way I tied them because of the issues I had the time before this one. I found no difference this time. In actuality the one I plated with the wire through the hole did better but probably because I added brightener. I also used a fresh piece of copper wire. So it was either bad prep or a contaminate on the wire. So on this last past, I took the dull cap and started over.. I also switched away from the wire wheel I have been using. I was concerned about contaminants on the wire wheel. So I switched to a 3M ceramic brush. The yellow brush I am using is 80 grit, which doesn't give me the finish I want. It really needs to be finer. I am still working on that. I have the green one too but it is 50 grit. I had problems with my chromate tanks being too cold last time. This time, I had moved them into my shop, then I put them on heating pads to heat them up, which didn't work. I am going to use some larger tubs and use a hot water bath to get them to a decent temperature. When they are too cold the reaction seems to really slow down. I also bought a quart of brightener, so won't run short anytime soon. If you need some PM me, we can work something out. The 4oz seemed too small and the next size up was the quart. So a quart it was... Blasted it and brushed it. Tried to pickle it until the bubbling stopped but 10 minutes later it was still bubbling This picture is part way through the plating. Are any of you other platers getting brighter plate than this right out of the tank? This is after the blue chromate These are after yellow chromate They are not awful but they could be more evenly shiny. I did notice when I dried them that seemed to get a lot or red sheen to them. I don't know if that was accidental or some issue of my technique. I am going to continue to work on the details...It's all in the details!!!
  10. Does anyone have a source for stepped washers to properly mount an intake manifold / header when there is a flange thickness difference? I've added a picture as an example. I know one can be filed down but just wondering if there is a ready source with different step lengths that can be ordered.
  11. Any advice on bleeding the clutch

    Like bench bleeding a master cylinder. You can use a clothes pin to hold the hose into the reservoir.
  12. WTB: RHD Fairlady 240Z

  13. Electrical hack job, no brake lights.

    If it is a 71, I have the harnesses out of a late 71.
  14. Build Thread - New Turbo-Swapped 280z from WA

    haha yup... After getting a good look around the engine bay during this install, I'm beginning to realize how simple these engines actually are. Other than some parts being hard to reach, there is not much you can mess up.
  15. Im at wits end please help

    @ w3wilkes I will take it to through virgin river gorge that sounds like a lot of fun And if you in the area maybe we can play wolf creek or something its one of my favorite tracks in the country and i played from the bay area to main In regards of the z i found a bad wire in the distributor it looks burnt when i checked spark it was fine but when i ran the motor the other day for about 45 mins i think it burnt then i was trying to tune the carbs without a unsync meter and that wire was on the verge of going out i will continue to play with her after thanksgiving and post some updated when i get back home Keep them purring z fans happy thanksgiving
  16. Regulator / Gauge - Do I Need It?

    Note that the pressure and flow in the FSM are tested by attaching gauge to the fuel pump outlet (return line out of the loop). So in a system with a return line, pressure and flow should be somewhat less. I'm not using a return line, getting 3.9 to 4.1 psi. Never had an overflow (with the floats at stock setting). It varies depending on whether the float bowl valves are open or closed. My gauge only goes from 0 to 5 psi so it's easy to see the variations. The gauge goes nuts when the car starts running out of gas.
  17. The Japan Automotive Hall of Fame has announced their list inductees into its Historic & Heritage Vehicles class for 2017. The selected automobiles are regarded to have contributed to the development of Japan’s automobile industry and car culture, and are deemed worthy of … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  18. Facebook vs Forums

    I was simply trying a new trick. Just didn't work out. Back to the old!
  19. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    Just realized that this doesn't fit my "ball bearing basics" criteria, using the old bearing's inner race. The old bearing will have wear that allows the inner race to move away from the plane of the outer race. A flat piece of bar stock or the end of a steel straight edge in the hole would work though, after the old bearing is removed.
  20. Ben just posted about some beautiful Iwate steering wheels found at the Tokyo Motor Show. This got me to think about stock JNC steering wheels and how strange they can be. The bubble era triggered a rush of asymmetrical, neon-future … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  21. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    There are many ways to get a title for a vehicle, that might not be the original for the bulk of the car. It's surprising what you can do. Here's a sampling from Oregon. The link and a snippet. The thing about the Z's is that their VIN format doesn't match the common databases that DMV's use. So computer records are scarce, probably for showing that a car was stolen also. 87mj could probably file for a lost title and get it with the firewall VIN number, then change the other tags to match. Question - does the engine code match the engine bay tag? Might be a clue about where things came from. Pretty common to combine cars to make one good one. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/docs/trassembled.pdf
  22. Transmission internals question

    depends, if the bearings look ok (no broken cages or obvious damage), you may just want to switch out the counter shaft bearings and the tail shaft bearing, easy to do with minimal breakdown. I the cages look good and the baulk rings seem to be grabbing and have the in spec gaps. I did not even use the rebuild baulk rings and the adapter plate bearing were nearly as good as the new ones. there is a lot you can do without pulling the shafts out.
  23. Another one bites the dust.

    I don't think there any differences in 240Z rear struts. And I think all S30 shipped with Aluminum drums. There are services that can now reline the AL drums and there are reproduction new AL drums available. MSA has them for $229/pair. I too have a stack of pretty much wore out (lining wise) drums hoping they will be valuable some day...
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