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  2. Steve, it looks like my June finances will allow me to make that trip over that you mentioned. RedBird is running well, but the he A/C is not. Last week I called Sam, he had his wife answer, which is avoiding me. I had not called him since January, so you know I've definitely not been bugging him. So I doubt he will look at RB again. Which will make it a bit harder running down the A/C gremlin. Not knowing exactly what he did to "get around" the misfit of the A/C. Don't know anything else to do except leave him alone. It is sad he is in so much pain. He is a good man. So, figure out when it would be convenient for you and let me know. I would like more than 48 hours advance warning if you don't mind. Hahaha, takes me longer to get ready than it used to. Golden years (?) am I really there? OH NO! Say it isn't so. Have a good one... Jai
  3. Just removed it yesterday without braking any nuts. I really want to know what was the main purpose of this part in the block.
  4. The problem is that the setup in the photo does not move the fuel rail from the heat source. I fabricated a new heat shield for my car and reduced the temperatures at the carburetors by about 100 degrees. I also added more insulation on the fuel rail. It reduced the heat on the fuel rail, but it didn't eliminate it. I plan on moving it closer to the carburetors so it is better protected by the heat shield.
  5. I drive mine at least 4 days a week Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. I don't remember which needles I installed, I didn't swap the nozzle so I'm assuming it's stock. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
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  8. That's funny, I don't think I could get away with that. Anyway, wife comes home tonight. I will see if she would like to check it out tomorrow if the owner will let me stop on by. I think this would help as the owner lives in Ranch Santa Fe, one of the nicest areas in So Cal. I took the Hyundai when I checked it out originally and was completely embarrassed driving it in that area. I think if I take her there in the roadster, that would go a long way. The area is absolutely gorgeous. Just part of the 'winning her over' process. I mentioned it on the phone when we talked and did not get a negative response, so we will see how it goes. As @Hardway mentioned above....there will be concessions. I'm good with that.
  9. Most probably due for a change. I changed it 5 years ago and the new fluid was a greenish colour. Should have replaced, or striped the master cylinder down and shrub the inside clean, when I did the slave and hose. So many things on my to do list atm.
  10. Where are you located? Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  11. "Louder than Love"? That's some raw Cornell. Allman and his brothers were on par with Lynyrd Skynyrd easily. It is a shame, 69 is not that many years. I was not at a bar last night. Feel like I'm slacking...
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  13. Are you using return springs?
  14. Kats, you answer all of my questions, sometimes before I can even ask. The picture above of the correct tag location and orientation is just ------"Perfect". Dan
  15. CASTLELATED I believe is the correct term. We used the quite often in aircraft manufacturing. There is a cap the goes on before the cotter pin. I believe it is to prevent chaffing of the pin itself if the nut unwinds a bit.
  16. Bleeding not difficult. Need a bleed tool or someone in the car to pump the clutch. Slave cylinder is on th passenger side of Trans. When you inspect it it will probably be a little moist. The slave cylinder doesn't hold much fluid so the slightest loss will cause gear selection difficulty. Maybe a 45 minute fix.
  17. Well I got some gas in the tank today and turned the key, I wasn't really expecting the engine to fire up the first time but it would have been nice, she's going to make me work a little more before she gives it up. Something to do with the Megasquirt no doubt, I'll give megasquirt Matt a call and see if he can help me out again. Got the the rear glass in today,all the rubber seals are in now, as well as the leather interior pieces,cleaned and dressed the tires,and installed the Mr.K rear view mirror,
  18. My '77 has hinges at the top with shallow screws and spring loaded barrel latches at the bottom, also shallow screws. They were designed to be able to unhook the bottom and raise them off the rear window for cleaning, hinged louvers. The good thing about these is you can take out four screws on the top hinges and remove the whole assembly. Something similar to this but black of course.
  19. While trying to extract the broken stud the extracting tool broke and now my mechanic has to remover the manifold completely. We have noticed that 3 years ago when the air galley was removed the former mechanics did not removed the guides and just installed new bronze bolts to cover the holes. Ill take pictures of them and will post them for your opinion
  20. Seats look good. If you put them out in the sun and heat for a couple of hours the material will conform better and smooth out some of the wrinkles.
  21. Car is running smooth, replacing radiator next week, just finishing all new brakes, rotors, calipers and brake hoses, brake master, clutch master, slave. I didnt realize it was going to take such attention. It has completely diverted me away from my 73 240 that I'm doing a full restoration on, but it has been fun, sort of. What doesnt make me insane make me stronger. Should be on the road to find more easter eggs once I do a road test. BTW, driver side rear brake calipers are getting hard to find for some reason, nobody had them a couple weeks ago. Had to rebuild mine which ironically was the one that was the most salvageable, hmmm.
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