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Club Membership

Our club membership packages have been changed to a subscription system that can be found here.  This part of our store will remain for reference purposes.

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    Thank you for interest in supporting of the Classic Zcar Club.  When you become a subscribing member, you will receive the items below.  

    Club Supporter Store Purchases:

    • Fixed auto-renewing amounts.
    • Auto-renew can be canceled anytime.
    • You will be put into the Club Supporter group for the duration of your membership.
    • Your username will turn red and a star will be placed next to your username.
    • Your account will show "Club Supporter" on all posts.
    • Ads will be blocked.
    • Special access to private areas of the website when available.
    • Additional discounts from our partners.
    • A free copy of the Zcar Microfiche CDROM.
    • You will be listed as a supporting member in our membership roster.

    Your money will be used to pay for fees and subscriptions that keep us online.  It's our goal to keep this site the best resource for historical Z information on the Internet without selling to a large corporation. In order to do this, we need your help to keep the lights on. If you are interested, please select an amount to pay from the options above.  We appreciate the support and thank you for considering a membership.

    Anonymous Donation Option:

    If you're looking to make an anonymous one-time donation, you can do it here.

    Anonymous Donations Features:

    • Any amount can be given at anytime.
    • Single donations, no auto renew.
    • Your account stays the same, nobody will know.
    • Ads will still show up.
    • Administrators will know who donated (but not regular users).

    Thank you!


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    Thank you for interest in becoming a paying Member of the Classic Zcar Club!
    The Annual option includes a higher initial investment and you have the option to automatically renew. You will be charged automatically every year. Subscription options are always flexible and can be canceled at any time by visiting your account settings. Members will have the added pleasure of knowing they are supporting the club and will have access to special areas of the website.

    99% of public banner advertisements will also be hidden. We appreciate the support, thank you!


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