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  1. Video of everything up until yesterday. I know the footage is very amateur and the clip isn't very well put together but I have to do some thing after 12 hours where the only 3 things to do are gym, the hole in the wall (pub) or sleep!
  2. Took the engine and front suspension out of the ra, same way as with the Z but with a crane to lift the front Much easier! **Note the water on the floor, had to wash out the coolant that came out of the radiator that had no drain plug and was sikaflexed together!?! Also mounted up the fender mirrors to gauge what they look like. Going to take a bit of getting used to but I really like them! Still have to figure out how to get the mirror glass out of the cup so I can get them powder coated black. Seeing as I work 9 days out of every 14, 300km away from home I have mixed all my media into a l
  3. Little movie of me doing a dodgey engine removal with a sissor jack .
  4. Ripped into the slam panel. It had been bogged up and there was metal welded underneath it?! After having a go with a flap disk I changed to a 3mm disk, this was some dam thick and hard bog. Turns out the entire panel you see above was actually a davinci sculpture!! Once the massive amount of bog had been removed I could see it have been botch repaired, it had to come off. Once the welded in panel had been removed it made it bleedingly obvious that the whole slam panel had to come off. I had grave fears for the rest of the panel below and the rear quarter panels. Looks like ill be getti
  5. After getting home and have a massive sleep to get over the shockingly bad "Ocean view recliner" I had to sleep in; I set to work on getting things apart. I slept through the day when I got home and then my mate bought his ra28 celica around. The celica will be some what of a sister car I suppose. Once they were both in the shed the night flew and before I knew it the sun was starting to peak its head over the horizon!! Things were alittle bit hasty and I didn't label some things so I reckon there will be some trouble getting some things back together!
  6. Hey guys, I haven't been active much at all on here but I have been ghosting the forum for around the last 4 years and reading up while I was looking for my Z. Ok, so where to begin. I have always loved the Z cars and have yearned to own one for a long time. After buying a new house with what basically is a small warehouse for a shed I decided the time had come to get said vehicle! So the search began, 3 years of me being a fussy bastard and ghosting 12 or so different Aussie car forums netted me a number of a "phantom Z seller". This phantom Z seller (Isaac Smith) was suppose to only come
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