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    I raced a 1973 240Z in SCCA Improved Touring S class until an off at Barber Motorsports in 2007 wrecked it beyond repair.

    I am building another 1973 240Z race car to replace the wrecked one.

    I recently bought a 1971 240Z from the 4th owner in Denver and drove it back home to Middle Tennessee. It is my daily driver (when the weather is nice).

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  1. Replacing the valve cover vent hose with this: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a02e/10-2092
  2. I recently ordered individual ITG air cleaners/filters and air horns from Motorsport Auto for the SU carbs on my '71. This is to replace the stock air cleaner with integral air horns. This is what I ordered: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a02e/11-3025 http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a03/11-3014 Anyone have experience with these? I have a couple of questions: 1) There is not enough room between the end of the new air horns and the inner fender to fit the air cleaner foam element into place against the backing plate, so it appears that I will have to remove the carburetors from the intake manifold, attach the air cleaner backing plates and air horns to the carburetors, attach the foam element to the backing plates, then reattach the carbs to the manifold. Is that correct? 2) On the factory air cleaner backing plate, there are 2 nipples to which attach hoses from the float bowl fuel overflows so gas does not fall down onto the exhaust manifold/headers. The ITG backing plates have no such nipples. I thought about running hoses to an overflow canister / container attached to the inner fender, but that's not very elegant. Any suggestions from someone who has or is using these air cleaners? Thanks.
  3. Whatever the coating was, I'm trying to determine what parts under the hood had it and which did not.
  4. I could be wrong, but gold-passivated zinc chromate plating may be what they do now since cad plating has been illegal for years. I believe it would have been cadmium plating back in 1971, but there are alternatives now that are less toxic to the environment.,
  5. Is there a list somewhere of which under hood / engine compartment parts came from the factory originally with the yellow cad plating? I have tried searching, but have not been able to find a comprehensive list. Thanks.
  6. This is the chin spoiler that I have on my '71 street car. I've been looking for a replacement for 2-3 years, after damaging the one on the car.
  7. FOR INTERNET FORUMS and WEBSITES Subject: ZATTACK 2014 Z Car Show, Nashville, April 11-12 The Middle Tennessee Z Club and Nissan North America, Inc. are pleased to announce that ZATTACK 2014 will be held Friday and Saturday, April 11-12 in the Nashville area. For those who have not participated in previous ZATTACKs, we promise a fun filled two days for Nissan fans and gear heads in general. This is also a great opportunity to meet members of the Nissan and Z car enthusiast community and also take in the sights and sounds of Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. The events begin Friday afternoon, April 11 at 2 pm with a tour of the Nissan vehicle manufacturing facility in Smyrna, TN, or a tour of the Nissan powertrain plant at Decherd, TN. Tours are limited to 50 people at Smyrna and 30 at Decherd, so please register early. Friday evening the Middle Tennessee Z Club will host a catered BBQ dinner and exclusive private tour at the Lane Motor Museum (Home - Lane Motor Museum) in Nashville from 6:30 – 9 pm. The museum houses part of the Nissan Heritage Collection, most of which is not normally available for public viewing, in addition to their eclectic collection of 150+ mainly European automobiles, motorcycles and oddities. Space is limited for this private event, so please register early. The ZATTACK 2014 People’s Choice Z Car Show will be Saturday, April 12 from 8 am to 3 pm in Franklin, TN at the Nissan Americas building, the U.S. corporate headquarters for Nissan North America, Inc. This is a Z only show. All registered ZATTACK entrants receive a ballot to vote for the award winners. Awards are given for all six generations of Z cars in both Stock and Modified classes and the new Ultra-Modified class spanning all 6 generations of Z cars, as well as awards for Best in Show, and Diamond in the Rough. Your Z car does not have to be a “show car” to enter. This is more about the people, participating and fun and representing the Z car by showing yours at Nissan’s corporate North American headquarters. We will also have raffles for products and services donated by our sponsors. As part of the event, Nissan will also host an employee open house for their corporate and manufacturing personnel from Franklin headquarters, Smyrna and Decherd Tennessee, and a cruise-in for employees and the public to exhibit their cars open to all makes and models. We expect a huge turnout for this, and based on past events, the variety of cars will be fantastic. In addition, Nissan will have an exhibit of new models, prototypes, show cars and Nissan Heritage Collection vehicles based on availability and corporate approval for public showing. Spectators are welcome. This is a free and open to the public event. There is plenty of parking available. The event will be held rain or shine. In the event of rain, we will move the show into the parking garage. The Nissan Americas building will be open during the event for morning coffee, lunch in the dining room at The Grill, and for rest room facilities. In order to give back to the community, we will be collecting cash and non-perishable food donations and the proceeds from designated raffle items will go to the Nissan-sponsored Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, which fights hunger in 46 counties. Each dollar donated provides 4 meals! After the show, we will have a few hours of free time, and that evening, those who wish to will meet at the Athletic Club Sports Bar and Grill at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Franklin, near the Nissan Americas building for dinner, and to meet up with friends old and new. The Grill offers moderately priced meals in a great atmosphere. PLEASE NOTE: You must register for the ZATTACK 2014 People’s Choice Z Car Show to attend the Friday afternoon Nissan Smyrna or Decherd, Tennessee plant tours and/or the Friday night dinner and private tour at the Lane Motor Museum. Click the link below for complete ZATTACK 2014 event details, including detailed schedules, directions to each venue, area hotel information, points of interest to visit in Nashville, and registration forms that can be submitted online. Middle Tennessee Z Club We are expecting a big turnout, so make plans to attend now! Register early! Don’t miss it! Hope to Z you there!
  8. Those look like Konig Rewinds.
  9. The SCCA has invited all past Runoffs winners to run at this years event. Bonk Brothers Racing and LNA Enterprises are building a 240Z for John Morton to drive in E Production. John's winning of the National Championship in C Production in 1970 driving the BRE 240Z basically catapulted Datsun and the 240Z into the American sports car world. One could argue that he is at least partially responsible for the popularity of the 240Z and the existence of the Z car hobby today. It's expensive to build a new race car from scratch, especially from a 40-plus old car. Bonk Brothers needs everyone's help in financing the effort. Here's a link to their Facebook page, which has a link to the indiegogo fundraising site. https://www.facebook.com/groups/143542862415120/permalink/373494089419995/ Greg Ira has been keeping the Z car viable and competitive in E Production for several years. This year there will be a chance for 2 Z cars on the podium. Here's a link to the test session for the car at Road America weekend before last. The driver is Dan Meller, and his fast lap was only 3 seconds off the E Prod lap record. Not bad for a guy driving a brand new car. The John Morton Project 46 - YouTube That's a sweet sounding engine.
  10. I believe Nissan is remaking some body panels for the S30. A friend of mine is doing a mild restoration on a 240Z for a customer, and the customer was able to buy a brand new in the box, not original OEM, but brand new Nissan hood, Nissan part number.
  11. I am having a heck of a time finding aluminum wheel spacers for my race car. I've got a set of minilite wheels that I want to run, but the offset/backset is off 1/2". I initially ordered some Baer spacers from Summit, but the center hole was too small. There are a lot of spacers for 5 lug wheels, but not so much for 4 lug. Also, when I search, I get a lot of sites that sell wheel adaptors, which is not what I need. Any ideas?
  12. It looks like Motorsport Auto may be buying from the same source. They are taking preorders on aluminum drums for the same pricing as Datsunparts.com. Here's the link: Motorsport! Aluminum Rear Brake Drums, Pair, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z - The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z-260Z-280Z-280ZX-300ZX(Z31/Z32)-350Z-370Z Parts
  13. Well, my new drums came last Saturday, and I put them on the race car on Sunday. Perfect fit, and I see no differences between these and the one remaining pair of aluminum drums I have left. These are a really nice product.
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