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  1. Check out this thread on HybridZ. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=113366 A friend ordered from them in June, paid them, still hasn't received his air dam, and has only gotten the runaround. John
  2. Is there more than one antenna switch location for a 71 240Z? Mine has the switch located above the heater box, but in my search for a nice radio, I've run across some that apparently have the switch to the right of the station knob, and others with the switch over the station knob like the later cars? How do you tell which one is correct? John
  3. The JTR manual is almost a must for a V8 swap. There's tons of good info there. So far as the mounts, the setback plates bolt to the block, and the spacers go between the mounts and the plates. The thicker spacer goes on the drivers side. jt
  4. As long as your bearings are in good shape and properly lubricated, it won't be a problem. I've been doing track events several years with the same bearings, running 16 x 8 rims with 245 V700's. John
  5. A member on HybridZ weighed a bare unibody and reported 520#, but I don't recall what year chassis it was. A search would probably turn it up. John
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