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  1. Rays TE37V 15 x 7.5 +6 offset and Enkei Compe 15 x 8 0 offset
  2. Jack, There are several companies around that restore dashes, such as Dashboardresorations in Queensland(http://www.dashboardrestorations.com.au/index.htm) or Dept of the Interior at Carlton (http://www.consoles.com/). There was another company called Restoradash at Milperra, however I am not sure if they are still operating. Hope this helps. Geoff
  3. Brett, You have obviously had a night out on the drink and are not thinking straight. I know its not the same now that the C6 has arrived, but you will get used to it!!! What about those plans for the track???? geoff
  4. Some of you may not have seen this Z hillclimber from Switzerland. The car sounds good, pity about the ending though.
  5. g260

    '07 Nationals

    Richard, I am led to believe there is a very strong possibility that the Nationals next year will be at PI.
  6. The car belongs to the Pres of the NDSOC in Melbourne.
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