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    Newfoundland, Canada
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    Had a 71 when I was a lad, sold it and regretted for many years.
    1977 280z: Bought it Nov 06 from 1st owner in North Hills, California, 5 spd mod,
    Urathane bushings, new console, wheel bearings, shocks/springs, Re furbished carpets, front diff mount, K& N air filter, period appliance wheels. Sold
    1973 Purchased from Cold Srings, Nevada. Lots of work to do - Got a fresh rebuilt 280n zx engine to go in soon.
    1990 300zx purchased locally - car came from Florida - Some trouble with intake and sensors but coming around. Painted new interior going in - $$

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About Me

Retired. Midlife crisis is over just an old fart. Went to sea 41 years

still have a couple of Z cars. Interested in getting my 240 on the road for this summer.

spent the past two years biking. Crossed north america a half dozen different ways. Only state not visited... Kansas

interested in another Z, if i can find one for a fair price.


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