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  1. Not sure I like it just yet. Have to see it up close. I didn't like the gold color i've seen but the silver looks better. Front end, I don't know. It just doesn't look Z like. As far as door height, this may be a boon for the older generation that I assume they are trying to appeal to. I know that in the years that have passed since I bought my '73 Z it does get harder to get out of the low slung cars. I guess I was hoping to see a Z that had more similarity to the original. Anyway, never say never. I may wind up with Z's 30 years apart.
  2. I'm not sure if they go back that far but you might try www.edmunds.com. They usually have what you're looking for as far as buying from a dealer or an individual. Of course value is in the eye of the owner. Good Luck.
  3. On my '73 240 there was a known problem with vapor lock. I first noticed it in hot weather. At a stop sign I naturally would try to quick start and it would buck like a bronco. If I would take off normal speed it would be okay. Datsun offered a "fix" which was placing foil wrapped insulation around the fuel lines. With the original Su carbs the float bowls were too close to the manifold and the fuel would boil causing the vapor lock. The "fix" worked somewhat. Anyway, this was my experience. Not sure if the carter would have the same problem. Just so you know, some '73's (not sure if this is what you have) had an electric fuel pump back by the fuel tank as well as the manual up front. I had a heck of a time figuring out why it would quit running then run again then quit. Finally found out about the "other" pump and replaced the filter back there. Good luck.
  4. Hello Rviper. I too am new to the forum but have had a Z for many years. Since 1973 to be exact. I am a little confused though since your subject header says "found 74 240z". Someone may correct me if I am wrong, but I believe my '73 was the last year for the 240z. The '74 started the 260z series. Good luck with your project should you accept the mission. Z cars are addicting.
  5. I have a '73 240z that I bought new. I love this car but it has been sitting for several years now. I know this is a mortal sin but time and money (and some laziness :sleep: ) has let it collect dust. I want to restore it but I am not sure where to start. Body is basically good (some rear quarter damage due to uninsured motorist) engine quit running, not sure why but it did run. Interior needs work, seats are dry rotted, dash cracked. In short it needs work. I would like to do it right. Do I: A. Restore it to original condition, color and such. Yes, I kept all the original parts including the hub caps. B. Restore it as is with air dam, spoiler, and keep the existing color (black). C. Suggestions from the audience. I truly love this car which is why I have kept it all these years. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  6. Well, I had this problem several years ago on my '73 240. Driving along then nothing. I had it towed across the state to get it home. Towed it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything. Started home and half way there bam, stopped again. Finally found out it was the fuel filter back by the gas tank. There is a fuel pump back there to assist the manual pump up front. Who knew? Replaced the filter and everything was fine. Just a thought.
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