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  1. Wow guys, thanks for all your great advice..........this weekend i will be replacing those fusible links. Where can i purchase them, do you think they will carry them at advanced auto parts, or will i have to go through a Nissan dealership. Otherwise i will order them online. I am located in Fort Hood, TX. if anyone would want to help, that would be great. Thanks again guys! :classic:
  2. sorry for the confusion.......thats what i meant, it turns over but it wont start......i am going to work on some new wiring this weekend........so if the key is in the "ON" position and i take a screwdriver and short the starter, it "should" start?
  3. well today we were in a rush before i had to go back to work. I didnt have time to check the board to see if this was correct. But he said that we could just use a screwdriver and connect the + and - terminals on the starter......so we did it and the starter started sparking pretty badly and it must have got pretty darn hot because it burnt the screwdriver! :nervous: I take it thats bad right? :stupid: we didnt remove the sparkplugs or anything, just left it everything hooked up and crossed the starter terminals......should we do something else first?
  4. #3 That little nipple looks like something was at one point in it.......am i wrong? #4 Sorry for the blurry pic, but this one confuses me......i have 2 wires coming out of the back of the Key lock cylinder....1 is hooked up (male/female) the other one is not.....it is a male connector just hanging there. The only thing i can see that it could hook up to is another male connector right next to it. :stupid: ?!!?!? The car still turns over without it hooked up...but wont crank......will that cause problems? #5 I just figured i would show you guys the mess that i have to figure out what goes where on the battery end! :sick: Somebody shoot me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help is greatly appreciated guys, thanks!
  5. Hey guys, i just got this 280z a few weeks ago, and it was not running....i will be getting a Haynes manual tomorrow, but i figured i would ask the gurus first...however i have some pics...with some ?'s.....ok. #1 I found this little Ignition wire had broken off from corrosion etc. the car will not crank if it is unhooked, so i take it that needs to be hooked up #2 Ok, this hose (looks like a vacuum hose maybe?) was unhooked from that T-Joint.....will this cause the car not to start, if so, where does it hook up?
  6. ok, i am going to check for spark in a minute, i noticed that on the 4 female connector little fuse box(i think its the ignition relay box) on the left side of the engine(looking from the front) One of the wires is coming loose, maybe that could be causing it? I will take some pics later......thanks for the help guys!
  7. cool, I just got back from O' Reilly's and bought 4' of the fuel line hose, just incase i find more leaks......i pulled off the leaking one, and it sounded as though some air was coming out too........would a bad fuel line cause the car to not start?!
  8. i am also going to buy some new hose for the fuel lines in a second..... :classic:
  9. ok, well i checked the fuel lines, and i have found that there are a few fuel lines next to the manifold and the injectors leaking. I dont understand why this would make the car not start......but i will go and test out the cap, and wires in a second. Thanks!
  10. hey guys, this seller has them in gold w/ polished lip, and silver w/ polished lip, do you think they are worth it? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7994532643&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
  11. Hi guys, i just purchased a 76 280z, however it wont start.......when i put in the key and turn, it turns over, and sounds like its close to starting..but wont start......I just replaced the plugs........still not starting, what should i try next, starter?! Any help is appreciated, thanks!