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  1. I would really want the same colour scheme as the first car in Toecutter's post (I bet I'd still be unique in Belgium :laugh: ) Who can tell me who this Mr. Miyahara is and who has a similar paint scheme on his car? The beige is definitely still my favorit! Great post, Toecutter! K.
  2. BelgianZ

    240z by Miya

    I read at www.zhome.com that this car belongs to a Mr. Miyahara. But is there anyone who could know more about this car and its specs? K.
  3. To Gavin, When you look at the 240ZG in GT4, it only has 3 factory colours, same as mentioned above. I doubt that would make a long thread. Maybe someone has RAL or DuPont codes for these paints (I love the retro look of the maroon). btw What paint did you use for your (red) Z? K.
  4. Hi, Is there someone who knows the colour codes of the brown ZG (body and fenders)? I really love the car like that. K.
  5. Hi, I'm in the process of restoring my 240Z (Euro-spec), but I really love the ZG-conversion. Has anyone actually ordered these parts from Japan? Is overseas shipping reliable? Is the quality much better than parts from MSA? I checked out the ZG-parts on this website: http://home.att.ne.jp/sky/FairladyZ/index.htm PS Rusty 260Z, thanks for the English link, really helped alot.
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