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    It`s a rust project, but there are hope.
  1. jensen.dk

    Datsun 280z 2+2

  2. jensen.dk

    fuel injectors

    Thanks again there is something wrong with the relay so I´ll try to get another one. great link of the fuel system by the way "soon to be" 280z driver jensen.dk
  3. jensen.dk

    fuel injectors

    thanks for your answers. I have testet the resistance in the injectors and they are the same but it might be in the wirring. there is no click or anything in the relay and the pump are not running so now there´s a couple of things more to check thanks jensen.dk
  4. jensen.dk

    fuel injectors

    hello I´ve just bought a 280 from77 and i´ve tried almost everything but the ecu unit doesn´t give any signal to the injectors i´ve had the ecu unit to a bosch workshop and they can´t find any falts in that,so then my question is:has anyone had that problem and what can be done? jensen.dk

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