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  1. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Boys not up to your standard of replicas, put these stripes and signwriting on my car temporarily for the Datsun Nationals last year just for some fun. Rip off of a famous racing Nissan in Australia. Any clues?
  2. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Fred Can't wait to see your pics. Does anyone know how damaged the car was in its accident, or what caused it?
  3. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Heres the pic of the 260z with the same rego in the 1974 RAC Rally, also taken from Ray Huttons book.
  4. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Heres the 1975 LeMans car. I believe the rego is TKS33 su 6466
  5. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Here are the model pics
  6. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Guus Thanks for the pic. Do you know if they are the same car? The Fujimi Kit is of the No 73 car. seems to be a reasonabley accurate model except for not having a G nose. Have attached a couple of pics of the box. HS30-H There is a pic of the No 72 LeMans car in the book "The Z series Datsuns by Ray Hutton" It shows it with a the Number Plate TKS 33 6466 and points out this was an ex factory 260Z rally car as used in the 1974 RAC rally. Great info and great pics. Your definitly not boring me. Keep the pics and info coming. My favorite car is the 73 Safari winning car. I'm building the Tamiya 1/12th scale model of it. Any info and pics would be greatly appreciated.
  7. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    I started building the Fujimi 1/20th Lemans 240z and would love pics of the original if anyone has any. Love to find out more details of the LeMans 240Z. All I know is that it was an ex rally car, ran at LeMans twice, finishing one year and crashing the other I think. Thanks Rodd
  8. Actualy we sit on the right side!!
  9. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Yep Thats where I got the pics from. Guus did I ask you about the LeMans 240z?
  10. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    Mike I'm afraid its in Japan. I'm in Torquay, about 60miles south of Melbourne. How long are you in Melbourne for? I'm a real 240z nut, have a big collection of Datsun models. Guus Yes I'm Rodd Westwood. The monte car is also in the museum. I wonder how we could track down the Safari movie. Have we got many japanese members. I'd love to see your safari footage.
  11. rodd

    Rally anyone?

    I've read that there was a film done on the 240Z winning the 1971 Safari rally. It was the highest rating film in Japan that year! Has any one ever seen or heard of it? See the original car is in Nismo's museum!
  12. Those "tacked on flares" look like the standard factory flares for a 240zg. The G nose is not for looks its for performance. The factory fitted these to fix up the standard cars bad aerodynamics at speed. They are suposed to make a quite considerable difference to top speed and to reducing front end lift at speed.
  13. Hi Doug Where in Aus are you. I'm in Torquay. I havn't been able to find sport z in any newsagents here, so I have described. Are you in a Z club, with some clubs the get bulk mailings to decrease mailing costs.
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