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  1. Finally got the upload to work but it appears there is an approval process before the photos can be displayed. I believe you will be able to see an example of the paint problem I am referring to. GlennH
  2. I have 17925 1971 build date of 12/70
  3. I have not had time to figure out the photo post yet.... will get to soon. The Z went to my mechanic this week. His report is that this is a "straight" car with zero rust. As for the suspension noise, he reports everything is in very good condition and he would not change anything. He commented that the struts could be changed but in his opinion not worth the $. He suggests looking at again next year. Interesting thing I have noticed is that the more I drive the car, the better it sounds and runs. I am truly a kid with a new toy! My family however thinks I am crazy..... I do much appreciate the comments from everyone and as I own this car longer, I am sure I will have more questions. GlennH
  4. Either. Which works best? I have attempted to upload but I am told the file is too large. Not sure how to make smaller????
  5. Thanks all; The paint bubbling I am referring to is only on the top of the front fenders. It began as what I would call "crazing" and developed from there. The previous owner had no good place to keep the car for the last 4 to 5 years so it was stored outside under a cover which I believe accelerated this problem. That is good news about the paint because I am told if it were a laquer the car would have to be stripped and completely redone. Big Bucks! Is is safe to assume that if the car needs new shocks and struts that they are available today?? If I can figure out how, I will post some photos which will help on the paint and wheel issues. I really appreciate the help from everyone! As I said earlier, I had this exact car 32 years ago and as I did then, think it is a great Car!!!
  6. The mileage is actual and there is no rust on the car... I am lucky! The noises I am referring to are like clunking noises as if the car were bottoming out on the suspension. There is also a noise like a scraping.... may be like a rear brake shoe hanging up??? I really need to get it up on a hoist to look see what conditon things are in. As for the negative offset I am not sure I understand. The car has cast wheels, I think aluminum, which were no doubt aftermarket replacements which I think widens the stance of the car. Rubbing occurs in the front right wheel when backing up with wheels turned to the left. Car has not been aligned yet. perhaps when that is done, it might take care of the problem??
  7. I just purchased from a friend a 1971 240Z. It has not been driven much for many years... there are only 31,000 miles on the car. As I drove it today, there is much noise in the suspension. It seems there might be worn out rubber gromets and mounts? I am wondering if anyone else has had such problems? Also, I had one of these cars when I was much younger and I remember being told to be careful with the size of tire on the car.... I just had some 185's put on and they rub on the fenderwell.... back to 175's I guess... Lastly, I am seeing some trouble with the paint which I am told is a laquer. Checking and small bubbling in certain areas. My body shop man tells me you cannot get the paint anymore? I have the orange color? Any Ideas???
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