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  1. Thanks guys, Hi JLPURCELL I would love to to come down to Richmond sometime. Our club (indyzcar) had our picnic there some years back at White water park.Lets keep touch,theres a few of us zcar nut up here in the fort.
  2. dat240z71

    1970 240z

    This is my 70 240z with 53k miles
  3. Hi I just put my webpage check it out http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/757557/1
  4. Check out this sitelots of good info http://www.geocities.com/zgarage2001/engine.html
  5. When I try to look at pic. in thr gallary I get this message can someone the me how to fix this Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted at (null):0 (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/httpd/vhosts/classiczcars.com/httpdocs/photopost/showphoto.php on line 145 Thanks
  6. how does the door colse, I have hear that some kit the seal are too thick and the door have to be slamed to close, on the 240z
  7. Very nice car, Iam about to get my painted can you tell me where you got your seal kit and if you like it
  8. After some research I have decided to go with a higher compression turbo motor. What I would like to know is what would be the best way to rase the compression on a turbo motor. When I use the LENGINE program there are two options I can go with. First being if I were to put a N42 head on the turbo block it would yield 8:5:1 or if I went with flat top pistons and p90 head it will yield 8:8:1compression. Which will be the better way to rase the compression and why? Thanks
  9. I have a set of new OEM inner I bought 15yrs ago and never got the chance to use.part is still in nissan box 500.00 260-486-3810
  10. I dont think the brake master cylinder are stock
  11. I went to the dyno yesterday and I'm a bit disappointed in the result. my first run was at the stock setting psi and got 190 wrhp, AF was very good so i took it up to 10pis and got 198wrhp and AF mixture still but when i tried to go 12 psi it started to ping and the guy had to back off, then i was like try 15 psi,( 15psi is where i would like to run) so he get on it and if start to ping so he get off again this time we make 215 wrhp but only got the RPM up to 5500. I had them stop and left on the way I had the boost set at 12psi I tried to run at 12 psi and it ping so I pulled over to check things out and found that the distributor was advanced as fas is it could go so I turned it back half between full retard and adv. got back in the car and now I can boost 12psi all day. I want to go back to the dyno and see if this makes a difference but before I go I would like to know what you guys think could this have been my problem, the guy at the dyno shop told me I need more fuel as I ran lean on the last two runs, I just wonder if my lean condition was caused my timing being so far advanced. MY set up 71 240z 83 turbo set stock management system 89 supra intercooler turbo x blowoff valve manual boost controller LSD 3" EXT. part press bend and part mandrel 3" muffler custom 2 "1/2 down pipe from Scottie g cold air intake plug stock pop valve opening 93 octane gas
  12. For those that have done the 60mm TB swap, what size cupler did you use to mate the TB/ to Intercooler piping. I have a 240zt that I want to do the swap on need some idea how to mate the TB my supra intercooler 2" piping. Thanks
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    my all stock early 71-240z