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  1. Thanks for all the input. here's the update. Got Spark, found clog on fuel line. tracing lines back cleaning and replacing as necessary. Filter replaced, fuel pump is primary suspect. Film at 11. GZ
  2. Howdy, Just getting started with restoring 72 240 with 51k original mi. Lots of things to do, but getting it running is first on the list. It sat for about a year. I replaced points, plugs, condensor, rotor, cap, wires, added fresh fuel, sea-foam ( I swear by this stuff!) and to date have gotten one near miss out of the engine. Cleaned the carbs, and referred to the Chiltons which tells me that the carbs need 20W oil in the damper/plunger. I have tried NAPA, and a host of other parts "chain stores" and none of them have 20W any more. Where can you get 20W? Would 5W-20 suffice? also, any tips, pointers both verbal and electronic to areas regarding carb synchronization would be most appreciated. I'm not much of a mechanic, but my 15 year old son has "the gift" and can basically fix or rebuild anything that rolls. This will be his car, as soon as he's old enough to get a license, but for now it's "our's". This site is amazing, great info, looking forward.... Glennz02
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