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  1. Anyone know where these cars ended up? Think one was stripped & freshly painted gold & the other was blue. Both were 2 door hardtops:love: Still dreaming of a 240K project!
  2. Have a series one 280zx (soon to be wrecked) that may have required parts. PM for details
  3. Headlights yet to be fitted - propose lightweight plastic lights
  4. zed74

    Interior view

    Temporary steering wheel in place - propose race wheel (sparco or momo)
  5. Personal plates add to the look
  6. Jongbloed 16 x 10 rear & 16 x 9 front with Dunlop slicks soon to be fitted
  7. Start up June 2009
  8. Well done Mate!:classic: Beer will be "chilled" and waiting for you. Regards Zed74
  9. Both the 240z & 260z 2 seater are well represented in club motorsport in Australia. We have around 16 - 20 cars regularly competing in a 4 round super sprint series at Morgan Park Raceway - Warwick Queensland. Also at least 8 -10 are regularly seen at various Tarmac Rallies around the country (Targa Tasmania, Classic Adelaide etc.) The Brisbane/Queensland Z Car club has approx. 65 -70 members mainly 240z/260z's. You were lucky to see the Hillclimb - first year it has been run since the 1920/1930's! Regards Zed74
  10. Very stock looking conversion
  11. SR20 turbo - nicely done
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