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    78 L28 block, P90 head, 240 pistons, Pertronix, 40DCOE Webers, Nismo Cam, BRE Header, 5speed, R200 3.9, Brembo 4pistons on all corners, 225-50R16's on Panasports, Recaros, roll bar, fresh "Sunburst Yellow" paint, all new rubber, etc.
  1. Happy Z Holidays to all Z fanatics!
  2. I'll try to post a photo of the current setup to get a better idea.
  3. thanks john. I have a 280 mc now. Which booster would be better & will it work without having to modify anything else?
  4. Hey Newt, I'll try to upload more images soon. I think the paint code was "HB" at Mazda. I actually looked for several years for the exact shade of yellow I wanted. It's an early Miata color which was also reintroduced more recently with a different code. Steve
  5. Looks a lot like my "Sunburst Yellow" (early Mazda Miata) color. Have a look at my garage. Steve
  6. Ok, thanks guys. Guess I deserved Bruce's comments. What I'm trying to do is get more boosting when braking. Perhaps the dual setup is totally wrong. I'd like the big brakes to feel like big brakes, ie. step on the brake & car stops more easily. It does now take more pressure than I expected & almost feels like I have no boost. Any recommendations. Really.
  7. Old thread, but I'm kinda new to the site. Just cruising around to check out the various features & I have to say this is the best club site I've ever seen. I know a little about site upkeep, and I really think you have done an amazing job. Thank You!
  8. Is that a head-wind or a tail-wind?
  9. Looking for an upgrade to dual master cylinders. Running Brembo 4-piston calipers all the way around. Would love a little more pedal control & not sure a single master cylinder is the right way to go, even with proportioning valve. Searched forums but didn't come up with any answers. Any advice?
  10. OldSchoolZ

    Steve's 72 240

    Here's my favorite road to cruise.
  11. OldSchoolZ

    Steve's 72 240

    Just another Sunday drive.
  12. Stopped for lunch at Alice's Restaurant.
  13. OldSchoolZ

    Steve's 72 240

    Stopped for lunch at Alice's Restaurant.