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  1. I've been telling people for years ,as I fixed their cars, I'm not a mechanic. And this one's got me stumped. My '77 280Z starts great when it's cold, and it is getting cold here in Idaho,but last summer it would tend to flood, but only in the warmer parts of the day.Mornings were fine. Once started it runs strong. I have replaced both the distributor and coil,due to neccessity,I need to replace the radiator and water pump as the flow is not great and rad. is beat up(fixed a few leaks).Could this be the thermotime sw. or temp. sensor or cold start valve? Don't know where to start. Thanx BRIAN
  2. It's sort of funny to me that when I purchased my '77, all I really knew was that I got a great deal on a long project.$400 cash and drove it home.I had no idea how much history and enthusiasm was involved in the Z movement. I am proud to be a part.So far it's good to know I'm not alone with such things as rust,wiring probs,and my roof. It makes yours look good. I've been doing bodywork for 20+ years and have helped put cars in shows and still wonder if I can recycle mine without a pallet of bondo . But fear not ,i have allready done a lot of body work since my original pics and don't see as much work on yours. Find a good metal man and you'll be fine. Brian
  3. Just wondering, and not much help Lee,but is the stock am/fm 8 track in my '77 worth anything? Brian
  4. OK, I bought this nice dash cover for my 77 280Z and was the wrong one.Too late to return and I am bummed. But I thought maybe someone here might could use it. Am willing to take a good offer. ...Or,a trade.I need some FI parts and other just about anything for my Z to fix it up. Check it out: This is just out of the plastic and has instructions and silicon to install. Again it's for a 73 Z not my 78'. I'm bummed, cause it would look great. :sleepy: Brian
  5. I have to agree with Enrique. I've been using bondo and fiberglass, and even lead, for the last 20 years. The key is in the preparation. Make sure the metal is clean and has some good scratches, 36 grit, before applying. Brian
  6. Yea, most of this car is a junkyard piece, so I'm finding out.The radiator is trashed,although I managed to seal it ...again...today.Running much better after adjusting the gap on the pickup in the dist. and putting hi-octane with gumout in it.Adjusted the toe-in also,had some shimmy,but the roof is trashed.A professional job with a nice sun or moon roof would take a lotta' bodywork out of the picture.But it's back to the ol' lady for a few more days and I'll be working on my truck.Workin' on a deal for a little pos throwaway car so I can park it till it's done,but the guys a flake.Just so hard to build when it has to be driven.Sometimes depresses me.More brakes down than gets fixed,it seems. Will keep on keepin' on anyhow. Brian
  7. Man, this thing is a real case. I haven't made a list yet as I can hardly afford the fuel to run it.but I do know a few things, and any ideas or help would be appreciated. Such as: 1.Radiator,water pump,and was thinking about changing to a flex fan or possibly electric. 2.Fuel injection-the whole rack with press.reg.and all new sensors. 3.LF fender,RF inner fender,and a sunroof so I can more easily fix damage from some kinda' hat dance on my roof. Well that's a start, and all at the cheapest easiest way possible.(Yea, I can hear all of you laughing,as am I ) Brian
  8. skinneriggin


    paid $400 and drove it home,put more than that into tires .
  9. This is a cool place. Nice to know there's a support group out there for the Z infected .I too have a basket case, but rust don't scare me.I'm a bodyman though and a halfassed mechanic.Some of the problems I've run into.......Hope to get a lot of help here.(Wife says I need some kinda' help all the time) Allready have about a million Q's. Just thought I'd say howdy. Brian
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