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  1. I will be there Thursday afternoon (camping, Turn 5). Steve, I wish I lived that close to Road Atlanta! Still, worth the drive from anywhere. Hope to meet you guys there.
  2. Where would you recommend staying for this event? Only about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Louisiana so I'm gonna try to get a group of us to go. Thanks,
  3. I venture there every year, this year I will be in the Z again. It truly is a sensory overload and definitely should not be missed. I can't wait! Pics from the past two years are online: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acsc/collections/72157615740062393/ I will also be going to LOG29 driving a 73 Europa that belongs to a friend of mine. This is also a wonderful event even if you merely just like Lotuses (Loti?). I can't wait for that one either!
  4. Only one of my Zs has gotten a name, Bacon, because the paint literally looked like uncooked bacon when I got it. The other one has not told me her name yet. My 510 is the Banana Boat. I too think they are all female, as are ships, aircraft, etc, although I can't explain why.
  5. I'll be there! Longest road trip ever in my car. Fred
  6. Got mine, beautiful job. I too would be interested to see how to "stamp" the serial number. Thanks Fred
  7. $330 on ebay in August 2005. Had it running well the day after coming home, then tore it completely apart for obvious reasons. About $6,000 since then.
  8. Almost every original part was in this mess
  9. I learned a lot about doing bodywork.
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