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    A bright orange that I picked out of the Spies Hecker book. It was that long ago that I've forgotten exactly what (I think it was from an European truck manufacturer). I wanted something brighter than the original orange, not too brown, not too red.

  1. Lachlan the $650 was from the Nissan dealership. It's a 'regular' part (ie not special order) so there were no freight costs. The vented hoods were fitted in around 1976 as part of the ongoing solution to the vapourlock problems that the carburreted cars had. Remember that in Australia we go the 260Z with flat-top carbs until ~1978.

  2. It's actually not that bad. I'll take some more photos when it's a little tidier. Yes, theres a bunch more hoses on the drivers side, but not _that_ many!

    The turbo coolant & oil lines make things look worse and there's the oil cooler plumbing, along with the thermofan wiring.

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