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    You do not need to go to an aftermarket tach even if you completely altered the ignition system from standard. Any instrument workshop wuill be able to retro-fit a compatible circuit-board to your OEM tacho. I've recently had this done to my 240Z inductive tacho to suit the tach-output of the MSD. Cost was $180AUD. I now have a calibrated digital-compatible OEM tach.
  2. Ben


    A 6AL will run an engine when interfaced with a coil & a triggering system (points, reluctor etc.). My setup is somewhat more complex.... Bosch (large body) L-series 4-cyl dizzy, locked with custom hall-effect sensor & 6-cylinder rotor & cap. This triggers a Bosch ignitor via a Haltech E6A. But that hasn't got enough grunt to keep my spark burning, so it's basically just a driver for my MSD6A. It works, and works well. Timing is controlled in software & once I put thermal shielding on the distributor I stopped cooking Hell effect sensors....
  3. I believe that you can fit the R32/3 VLSD centre to the 'long' R200, but some machine work may be required as different size crownwheel bolts may be used.
  4. I didn't see the electcrical connectors (*rubs eyes*). Air horns for sure.... and one of those relays would be for the pump too.
  5. What's the spec of a Sentra SpecV ? If you know what I mean....
  6. Ben

    Finished(?) engine bay

    Indeed I am. And there is hopefully enough room for the twins to be fitted at a later stage....
  7. Kinda looks like a carbon canister to me. It would be connected to the top of the fuel tank, ported vacuum & the inlet manifold.
  8. Ben

    Hit and Run

    Alan, you have my sympathy. Several years ago I was assaulted while driving in my 2nd Z. It turns out that the driver of the other car was looking for a fight & I got in the wrong place at the wrong time. I got the rego & reported it to the police, but nothing ever came of it.... A quiet word with some of the lads at your local pub might be able to sort things out.... The rear-quarter damage isn't bad, but you'll probably need a new bumper.
  9. Many a smaller less-powered car can outdo a WRX in the twisites, and many a larger car can out do one on the straights. It's all relative really. But they've certainly made their mark in this country over the last 10 years. They're like arseholes - everyone's got one! I see dozens every day.
  10. Ben

    New Vented Bonnet (Hood)

    If it does, it's probably not measureable. That's the job of the vents. But a flat/semi-flat black bonnet does reduce glare!
  11. Ben


    Fair cop, only got to 20mph.... But I believe it will!
  12. Ben

    New Vented Bonnet (Hood)

    That was the plan I've also got 'Fairlady Z' badges on the car.
  13. I hope that they've removed the OEM 180km/h speed limiter...... Or maybe not! :classic:
  14. Ben


    Just got back from the first drive since March 1999. Around the block 3 times, 0.7 Miles!
  15. The only other R30 powerplant that had an oil cooler was the FJ20E. Can you post a shot of the cooler attachments? That way we can see if it's OEM or aftermarket.
  16. Alan's point is that the chassis numbers are 6 digits long. They have leading zero's where required, so you're description of HS30-1342 isn't a complete number. Now you may have omitted the leading digits deliberately, but can you confirm?
  17. I've been following this thread, but couldn't reply in the week due to PC problems.... I too don't think that it's worth the $$$ that are being asked. However an 'honest' complete car does have value. I see that it still has the original fusible-link covers in the engine bay....
  18. Slightly OT - Nissan Australia used to only sell GT-R parts to the original owners of the Aussie-delivered cars (200 of them). Holden get very funny about selling parts that belong on older HDT vehicles without proof of ownership & verifying if the car is genuine. Fraud is a problem, there are lots of fake Falcon GT's & Brock Commodores around.
  19. The 180SX is an S13.... Both the Silvia & 180SX use the same shell & drivetrain. The S14 is 5-stud & the S12 is our Gazelle.
  20. The offset oil filter mount can be retro fitted to any engine. The N42 head is definately L28E. It sounds like you have an L24E with an L28E head fitted. No big deal, possibly done when someone cooked the L24 head :/ Are there any thermal tell-tales stuck to any of the heads welsch plugs? FWIW Rob Ward is a close friend of mine, his LPG 2.7L R30 Turbo is producing 170kW at the wheels - with a leaking head gasket & NO ignition control (locked dizzy). This summer we're going to fit a Haltech E6A to it for ignition purposes only & try to produce the same power at lower boost & get more economy out of the powerplant. He's also got an external gate & bigger turbo to fit. The current wastegate is permanently open & it will still boost to 20psi.... Here's a photo of the car that I took at last years SESM show at Mt. Gambier: http://www.versadev.com/ben/sesm%202002/DSC00639.JPG
  21. Well, this is how it's going to look. All wires, hoses, cables are fitted, & secure (I hope). The engine is running in this shot. I plan on taking it for a short test drive tomorrow - first time in 4 years & 9 months!
  22. New bonnet painted & fitted. Just washed the car (still drying as I type...). No, the headlights aren't on - it's just the parkers. Yes they are brighter than the OEM sealed beams!
  23. New switchgear components & Momo wheel. All gauges fitted & operational, new shifter parts on order. Still have to fit foor trims & plastic panels.
  24. The L28ET & L20AET use 360-deg with a seperate home trigger. Not sure how much a new dizzy is, but the rotor button was only $14 when I picked one up last month.
  25. All the C110's sold in Australia were GL's or GT's hence the IRS on all models. The C210 mentioned above is fitted with a 'Creations' aftermarket manifold. Somehow I think that it would perform better with the OEM L20AET gear fitted....
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