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  1. OK, you can read about it on Planet-F1.com, and several other F! websites as well. IMO it's a welcome addition, so long as Suzuka remains on the schedule.
  2. Victor: Sorry to overwhelm you. Most, if not all, of those reports were from me. I decided to check out the "Articles From Our Members" forum to hopefully learn something and the biggest thing I learned was that fully 2/3 of the first page, and almost 1/2 of the 2nd page in that forum was CRAP that didn't belong there. I can't imagine why it's so difficult for people to pay attention to where they are posting. FWIW, I think this site should have a place for these articles where a moderator approves each and every one before it appears, and LOCKS the thread closed so no one can polute the information with opinions, and other nonsense. If questions need to be asked, members can PM the author who can submit clarifications to either the moderators for inclusion to the thread, or reply to the PM personally if it's a matter of minor importance or something else that doesn't require correcting the article as posted originally. Questions could also be posed in the Engine, Suspension, etc forums with a reference to the article being discussed as well. I don't know of any other website where great Technical Articles get watered down with so many other postings.
  3. Japanese F1-GP at Fuji Speedway in 2007 I sure hope they can find a way to maintain a F1 race at Suzuka
  4. only if you looked at it ****-eyed :paranoid:
  5. i'm not meaning to flame either of you.......... I've seen sets of 240Z taillight housing/lens that have just been polished up go for around $400 on ebay. these have a one or two of a kind (so far) upgrade to the l.e.d.'s imagine that dave spent a lot of time to carefully disassemble, clean etc the "cores" and then design and build the upgrade into them, then polish and re-assemble. Additionally, with LED's instead of incandescent bulbs burning, the current draw through the T/S switch will probably drop quite a bit, thus it will most likely last a lot longer. probably a lot of time and effort invested in them & can't make more without cores to start with. JMO
  6. I seem to remember reading in another thread here that the "F" Z's didn't get "built" to correct "series" spec. due to parts availability, or lack thereof. Not sure who posted that. maybe 26th, or ZRush, or someone else?
  7. That was true when Scott Bruning owned the ZTherapy business. My ZT carbs came with Grose Jets and I bought two extra sets of them (NOT for sale!). However, the last time I visited the Ztherapy website (a few minutes ago), on the price list page: http://www.ztherapy.com/products/masterprices/master_price_list.htm it is clearly stated that they no longer carry Grose Jets. In my last conversation with Scott Bruning (YEARS ago), he indicated that he could no longer buy Grose Jets as his source was an elderly machinist (D & G Valve Co.) who had closed his business due to declining health and advanced age. Too bad, as I think they are a great upgrade to our SU's. FYI, The ZTherapy business is now owned by Steve Epperly and Pam Kirmeier (also good people)
  8. montoya_fan01


    I'd miss the 4 distinct seasons too............. except for the snow shovelling/blowing, the freezing COLD, and dealing with foolios who forget how to drive in snow every year. oh yeah, the salty roads and watching cars disolve in front of my eyes. Thank gosh we don't use salt in CA
  9. Stephen is quite correct. In fact, 240Z's didn't have a charcoal canister until the 73 model year in North America.
  10. well, the tires were inflated with "new" air!
  11. ........ and if the tank is rusty inside, get the rust removed and have it sealed. Otherwise sooner or later you'll be dealing with this again.
  12. As good as Dave's Harness is, I don't think it will work in a 280ZX.
  13. montoya_fan01

    Nice Hat

    He's sure growing fast!
  14. Fear not, I suspect it's only temporary.
  15. This subject (plastic or wood) has been discussed ad nausium here, though I don't remember which threads. The best information came from our member KATS who spoke with one of the designers of the S30. It is wood that was impregnated with some sort of plastic/resin in a special process. So it is in fact, BOTH
  16. depending on the quantity of water in the trans you could leave it there and wait for it to evaporate before running the car, or you could do what I'd do. Drain it, ReFill it and cover the opening with plastic so this doesn't happen again. I would not run the car with any chance of any water being left in the trans/gear oil.
  17. Alan: No harm at all. I didn't say or mean that I felt there was any harm. All I said, was that "I" didn't want to debate. By that I meant that I wasn't disputing your statement, AND that "debate" of this subject wasn't MY cup o tea. If you or anyone desires to debate, play on. As for the statement from the magazine: ".....Nissan beats Porsche at their own game." Porsche has dominated much of the sportscar/endurance racing scene for YEARS. I don't think anyone was saying that Nissan NEVER beat them. That's JMO I do suspect that you are correct in that the person who wrote that may not have known about Nissans previous success against them, but irregardless, Porsche has has been a fairly consistant powerhouse in sportscar / endurance racing and successful (more often) than most other makes. Also, I don't see how anyone can deny that Porsche is (and has been) the benchmark by which most manufacturers measure themselves against. No manufacturer races to come in 2nd! PS, thanks for the info that you posted. Oh, btw, anytime someone bests porsche it is significant IMO.
  18. check out www.zhome.com ; they have a breakdown of production figures for N.A. market S30's
  19. You misunderstand my post. Debating a VERY SUBJECTIVE list is pointless IMO. NO ONE will be right or wrong. However, presenting facts is interesting. I didn't say anything about dismissing any car from the list, my point was that a champoinship winning season is far different from winning a single race and I was wondering if we are talking about the same level of dominance over the Porsches. Either way the info is interesting to me, I just want to be sure I'm understanding the FACTS...........If they ever get presented. THAT IS ALL. If you don't wish to present the facts, that is fine. Someone else will, or not.
  20. LEATHER? ? ? ? If so they have been reupholstered. If the source of the smell has been absorbed into the foam or other fiberous components I suspect that any product strong enough to remove the odor would also destroy the material. I do wish you good luck though. Let us know if you are successful.
  21. yes, we know http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20555&highlight=black+dragon
  22. Pictures? I'm only familiar w/ the 240Z set up. As for where it is directed on a 240Z, I don't know the "why" of it, but it works fine for me. Yeah rear of air cleaner gets a bit dirtier but it doesn't seem to affect operation and I wipe it clean a couple of times a year. I wouldn't go cutting anything. Nissan did it that way for a reason, and it should work as designed.
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