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  1. well, I think it's a waste of time too, but guess they don't mind. Yes I have ordered a few things from them. The parts that they supplied were good.
  2. I'd bolt them back together, take them to the parts store, and use them as cores for a rebuilt set of calipers. BAM, problem solved.
  3. word of caution on www.nismoparts.com; just because an item is listed on their site, doesn't mean the item is actually available. You'll find that out when you contact them.
  4. ...........and your fuses. Use an Ohm-meter not your eyes to do this.
  5. The seat covers are the same for both driver and passenger seats
  6. Replace the Front Differential Mount. The rubber sandwiched between the upper and lower metal plates of it has probably been torn apart. Common problem.
  7. What would I do?? Not going to get into an ongoing rant about it, but after my one purchase from VB, and hearing of the problems my friends have had with VB (actually owned by Long Motor Co.), I have done vary well without them. I have bought parts from higher quality ( in terms of products and customer service) oriented companies and I have yet to find anything I need that cannot be found at another company in better quality, and with better customer service than VB. I may pay more, but I get what I pay for........ much, much more often.
  8. VB is the Wal-Mart of Z parts. You get what you paid for (sometimes). If you are lucky
  9. Try http://www.inlinetube.com/ They may be able to help you.
  10. OMG, Shipping and handling for that item is HIGH. $29.30 s/h to CA
  11. Push the center "post" of each rivit IN (so it falls out the backside of the rivit). Then you can PULL the rivit out of the panel. Then, you need to find those posts so you can reuse them when reinstalling the panel and rivits. a vacuum helps to collect them, but put a sock or piece of pantyhose over the end of the vac to keep the posts from entering the vac bag/cannister.
  12. The timing covers will interchange without any problems related to the seal on any S30 Z car L6 engine. The various timing markers attach to the timing cover by means of small bolts. The dampner/pulley and timing markers MUST be compatible. Best bet is to get a dampner/pulley AND the timing markers from the same engine to be installed on your engine as a complete set. For 240Z's there was a "Euro" dampner available at one time. Don't know if it still is available or not. Also don't know how it differed from the "normal" dampner for the North American market.
  13. You have got to be one of the most narrow minded people in the "free" world.
  14. Having a car with racing style stickers is "about the same as actual racing"? you have got to be kidding! I guess everyone should dress up their car and themselves to please your sense of style check please, im outta here.
  15. You need one of those "spindle pin pullers". there was a thread about them a few weeks back. Someone had one and lent it to another person. maybe you can get it too.
  16. Hi, I'm new here. I want to get a 280Z, can anyone tell me what an average price for one in good condition should be? I don't want to pay too much. Garth
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